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Thread: Superstitions - what have you heard?

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    Its so funny how many are out there!

    There are heaps with weddings to and I don't think I listened to any of them!

    I didn't buy anything until after the 3 months but now that we have most things on layby, including the pram - I want to have it all home by my baby shower so we can show people

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    lindie Guest


    My Mum started all these with me when I was pregnant with DS now 11years old.

    We opened our new pram, pretty excited and my hand got Jammed in it and to this day she said it was jinxed LOL....Pretty funny at the time.

    But for the other 2 babies and this one im carring now we have tonnes of baby stuff from the other 3 kiddies so Im not too sure, but I wonder how it works with subsequent babies where you already have the cottie and stuff????


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