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Thread: Varicose veins?

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    Default Varicose veins?

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for dealing with varicose veins? I've got them on just one leg, but they are pretty nasty looking. Very big and bubbly. They usually don't hurt too much, right now, although sometimes at the end of the day, they're a little achy. I try to walk with the kids, and keep my leg elevated when I sit, and I'm taking Vitamin E (midwife recommended that) but is there anything else? I know I could get support hose, but it is almost summer here, and that doesn't sound too thrilling. But then, I guess it's better than sore ugly legs.

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    hi there i got them not severley when i was pregnant with DS they were more itchy and annoying than anything so the midwives said they were ok but my sister has them really really bad from ankle to groin!!!! and she had to buy the support tights and just try not to overdo it...... Sucks that its summer!
    Not much help sorry you pretty much have the lowdown on all the typical reccomendations just up to you which one you decide to use.
    good luck

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