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    I know there was a similar thread to this recently but i cant find it..
    Ive been drinking 1-2 glasses of V8 Fruit and Veg juice a day during this pg and have just realised there is quite alot of vitamin a in it.... Ive now stopped but have given myself a bit of a scare. Ive read that beta-caratone(sp?) is ok in pg but not sure if that counts in juice (must be the carrots??) anyway if anyway can help that would be great - just need to set my mind at ease I guess plus i miss my juice....

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    i used to drink similar juice, but have stopped drinking anything that says 100% daily requirements of Vit A.
    I figure doesnt leave you much room to eat other foods that have Vit A in it.
    There was another thread - not sure where it is thou - someone far more capable on this site then me might be able to find it.

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    I know you arent meant to have too much vitamin A, and thats why pregnancy vit supplements dont include it. Normal vit supplements also have a warning on them not to exceed a certain amount of vit A - i have one tha says if you have more than 8000IU a day this may cause birth defects. I think I would just avoid having lots of things with high vit A.

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