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    Is there such as thing as taking to much B6?

    My m/s is starting to kick in badly and the chemist told me to take B6 and Travelcalm.

    My preg vitamins already contain B6.

    So can i take my vitamins, plus another pill of B6 (along with Travelcalm)?

    So thats 2 preg vit tabs a day with B6 and a B6 tab on its own!

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    I took an additional B6 tablet with my pregnancy vits for the first 12 weeks. My OB knew and did not have an issue with it.

    The amount of B6 in the preg vits is very small. Also, the thing you will find is that you need other B vitamins for your body to absorb the B6, so taking it with the preg vits help with absorption.

    Also, if you were to take the blackmores morning sickness tablets they contain B6 as well...

    HTH and your tummy settles soon.

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    I took the same tablets as well...Work excellent

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