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Thread: Waxing

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    Danni, if you're going to pluck then just buy an epilator. It's so much quicker so the pain is lessened. You can luck the stray hairs the epliator misses. I know for my big toe it's a lot less painful to epilate than it is to pluck, might try the epilator on my hands today...

    (Can I just point out that this isn't all pregnancy hair and it's not really visible, it's just really annoying to me? Thanks!)

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    A good read thanks Kelly! I think I will get the XX before I have bub. At least when everyone is looking it will be neat and 'clean'

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    I'm a beauty therapist and have owned my salon for 13 years.
    So I can give you honest advice... and based on experience.
    You can wax ANYTHING at any point in your pregnancy.
    You cannot hurt your foetus/baby by pulling your hairs out.
    Your skin is really tough - and is able to stretch to unbelievable lengths... so waxing is not going to damage your skin either.

    I once gave a woman a brazillian wax - WHEN SHE WAS IN LABOUR!!! She insisted, as she didn't want to have the baby with a hairy bush. She was in the early stages, and had a booking for the next day. But went into labour early - and asked if I would stay open to do her wax. She had the baby later that night.

    The pain can go either way - as the other posts have described. Some feel it more, some find it less painful when you're pregnant. I had my legs/bikini waxed about 3 weeks before I gave birth and it didn't hurt any more than normal.

    I have waxed MANY MANY pregnant tummies (and bikini's) over the years. The only thing I can say is that occassionally the baby will kick - because the mummy is clenching.

    If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask me. Or leave a post here and I will reply asap.


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    thank you jodie~!!!!

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    I suppose its all down to personal preference.I still wouldnt want to wax a pregnant woman,for several reasons.

    1. Skin stretches considerably yes,but it becomes more delicate.Thats why some people get stretchmarks. Stretchmarks SHOULD NOT be waxed over.

    2. As the skin thins out,the pain thresh hold on alot of woman is more. But that depends intirely on that person.

    3. It doesnt affect the baby,as I have stated in my last post,but may affect the person. for example... Womans skin changes in pregnancy and can become more sensitive,causing rashes etc.

    The bottom line is,to answer the question...No it wont harm the baby,but it MAY harm the mothers skin.

    Just my opinion...every Beautician is different.

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