thread: Ways to get bub to move?

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    Feb 2008
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    Oh i remember this with DD It makes me feel abit sick just thinking about it. I was about the same amount preg too....... They sure do like to worry us and that worry never goes away even after they are here lol

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    Nov 2009

    Firstly I cant tell what a relief it is to know others have struggled with this too- If my 'bubbles' doesn't move in a 2-3 hr period I begin to get stressed and anxious and can;t do anything until I feel movement.
    Definatly cold water and lying down on my side works, but of late (past week or so) sometimes this doesn't even work. My theory is that bubbles legs and arms are facing my back now and seen I'm due now theres not much room for much movement, so now I feel for the hiccups (which happens daily)..Going for a brisk walk also works well.