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    weight gain

    hi everyone, i'm pretty new here. Im 21 weeks pregnant (with my 1st)and most things are going well so far. This may seem like a selfish thing to ask about, but the wieght i am putting on is really getting me down.

    i have struggled with my weight in the past, but had finally gotten into the 'healty weight range' about a year ago. I guess i have been using pregnancy as a bit of an excuseto eat too much, but often i am so hungry!!

    At my last ob visit i (at 18 weeks) i had put on a total of 5kg, and he said "wow, most women havent put on any weight at all yet. you should only put on 10kg in total so your already halfway there!" i felt so stupid and fat. anyway, my next visit is in 10 days, and i weighed myself today and i have put on another 4-5 kg. i am so scared about what he will say to me.

    can anyone tell me if they felt this way or if you think i have put on too much weight.



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    Aug 2004

    Hi Linda,

    What an insensitive thing for your ob to say! It's my understanding that putting on 12-16 kg is totally normal and healthy if you at a healthy weight before you become pregnant. Every woman is different, so you shouldn't worry about sticking to the exact numbers anyway in my opinion.

    As long as you feel healthy and are trying to eat mainly nutritious foods, I'm sure both you and the baby will be fine!

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    Feb 2005
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    thanks, i guess you are right. as long as the bub is healthy it really shouldnt matter,


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    What your ob said is disgusting :evil: And extremely INCORRECT! As Fenella has said. If he says anything at I would seriously be telling him not to be so rude. Try not to let it get you down love, everyone gains weight when pg, if you don't they worry so what are you supposed to do you can't win either way :roll:

    You are a beautiful glowing pregnant woman, enjoy your body now for what it is and what its capable of doing, growing and sustaining your beautiful unborn child.


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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Ok let me tell you what's happening here at work right now... There are about 5 of us all due within 4-5 wks of each other (No there was no over night work do that month!)
    I am having my second I am short & started wearing maternity clothes aty 12wks as my gut just would not suck in enough to wear my normal clothes usually a size 10-12. Pretty much people knew & could tell by then too! My OB has weighed me once only & each time says I look great & no need to weigh me! I know I have gained a lot more than my first preg & mostly in my thighs & butt (as well as belly) But everyone says I look great (which I do!) hee hee!

    Another lady is taller her second too, only told people she was pregnant in last few weeks as noone could tell, she is a bit taller but also a health nut, I give in to my cravings!!!! hee hee!

    Another lady due before me by 3 days & with whom I am close with, is having her first, is very tall & lean & her sister & Mum never wore maternity clothes as they never sported pregnant bellies at all? She is exactly the same, although wears maternity pants just & some maternity tops I was wearing & grew out of, I have given to her & she showed me it on her & it swims on her! She was a size 14 prior to preg, but mostly due to height!
    Her OB actually gave her a diet she should fdollow due to the amount of weight she has gained being excessive!
    I tore it up for her! As she has 12 wks to go, most people could not tell she was preg let alone 28 wks preg, so how absolutely ridiculous for her ob to give her a diet to follow! I told her to go to mine, especially when he told her off last appointment & made her cry for the next 2 days befoire herself & hubby left for a 2 weeks holiday she was miserable She is making herself sick with worry that her next appointment on Saturday he will weigh her & make her feel like **** again, I shudder to think what he'd think of me! The medecine ball on legs!
    I weighed about 50-52kgs when I fell preg with first & was 72kgs the day i gave birth, within 4 wks of being a zombie Mum & not at all dieting or exercising I was 46kgs! Purely from exhaustion I think!
    I weighed about 58kgs when I fell preg this time & already weigh more than 70kgs, I really don't care, as my OB says all looks good to me!

    So just ignore those comments as they are un true & often do more harm than good!

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I wouldn't worry to much.Everyone is different and everyones weight gain is going to differ.I am 28 weeks pregnant and people are shocked when I tell them that cause I look like I'm due now!!!!!But I really don't care as I know my little girl is healthy and growing well and to me thats all that matters.

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    Nov 2004
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    Sometimes i hate doctors. :-# I think that is completely ridiculous. Linda please dont give any more thought to that insensitive OB. No two women put on the same amount of weight ...averages are just that averages. I put on 20 kg with my second daughter and would have been absolutely mortified if my OB had commented about it and been as rude to me as yours had been to you. Big hugs to you hun...please try not to dwell on the negative comments and concentrate on your precious self and your precious growing bub.


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    thank you all so much! i already feel better!!

    I only have one more appt with the ob, i am doing shared care with my gp, who is lovely and very sensitive in this way. so hopefully i wont see him again (live in a small town and dont have many obs to choose from)

    thanks again for all your kind words,


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    Oct 2004
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    hi linda.i have an ob who is absolutly obbsessed with weight gain.dont let him get you down.they say a healthy weight gain during prg is up to 15 kilos.even a little more is not going to hurt.join us at the belly buddies due in oct forum,you will enjoy talking to the other girls due at the same time as you.one of the girls has already put on 20 kilos,she is not too worried,cos she knows that she is trying to do all the right things,our bodies have a mind of there own and will do what it thinks is best for you and bub.hope to see you in our forum soon.

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    That has to be one of the most incorrect and insensitive things I have heard come out of the mouth of a medical practitioner.

    As all the other members have mentioned, each woman is different and weight gain during pregnancy is not an exact science.

    Best wishes with your pregnancy and I hope that you continue to glow as you grow!

    (great username btw - with the dawson name in it lol!) =D>

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    Melody Guest

    Linda! Grrrrr! he had no right to make that comment & I am appaled at his lack of proffesionalism to do so.

    I had all these ideas about what weight I would put on & when (after all the reading I had done telling me that 12-14 kilo's was average) & I am here to say that only in the past few weeks have i actually been able to let it go.... THANK GOD!

    I am 30/31 weeks & I have put on 15 kilo's. I was small to begin with & aside from a few treats here & there I have eaten extremely well.

    Nobody on this planet shares your particular genetic make-up or that of your developing baby. Let these expectations & fears fall away & concentrate on doing the right thing.... lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, salad etc. Go for healthy nutritious meals & give yourself that little treat... you deserve it. Get through this by nurturing your mind as well as your body & give yourself a hug.

    Relax... you are doing fine! Other people's expectations & opinions are just that... theirs!

    You know right from wrong so go with that

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    Feb 2005
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    thanks again, all.

    i have been eating all the right things (its just that i havent ONLY been eating the right thing iykwim!)

    its great to know there are others in the same boat,


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    Melinda Guest

    Oh Linda, what an awful thing for your OB to say!

    When I was PG with Jacob, I had the same concerns as you. My OB doesn't bother weighing people at all.

    I remember asking him about weight gain as I was getting worried about it (I was already overweight before I fell PG) and his response was that weight gain or weight loss (since many women actually lose some weight through morning sickness) is of no significance during PG unless it is in conjunction with other things like high BP, swelling etc which are signs of pre-eclampsia. I had totally normal BP, but a lot of fluid retention - and that's what the majority of my weight gain was! I gained a total of 17.5kg and after 2w, I'd lost over 13kg of that!

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    Jan 2005

    5 kgs is actually quite within the noraml range to put on in the first 18 weeks, I think average is 4 - 6, so spot on.

    If you were on the lower side of healthy weight (i.e. BMI < 23) you might expect to put on more weight than the average 11 - 16kgs. I was reading htat its not uncommen for underweight women to put on 20 - 30kgs..

    I've put on about 7 so far, which is kinda too much I think, but my doctor is happy with that, and I'm finding it hard to work out what I should be eating, so I'm seeing a dietitian who speialises in maternal health pre & post natal.

    I think its because I lost a bit of weight prior to getting pregnant (about 23 kgs) so going from trying to maintain that weight to eating the right amount for a healthy pregnancy is a bit confusing, I guess I'm overcompensating although what I do eat is generally healthy food.

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    Hi Linda, I just want to tell you to please, please don't worry! The weight you have put on is completely normal, and it was very rude and unprofessional of your OB to say otherwise!

    I know how upsetting it can be though... I put on HEAPs of weight during my pg (40kg) and my GP asked me to tell her what I was eating, so I told her I had 4 weetbix for brekkie every morning... and she went off at me saying 'no one eats 4 weetbix, you should be having 2 max, no wonder you are piling on the weight!'
    Anyway, she made me cry, and needless to say I never went back to her...
    Sorry to get off topic, but yeah, I know how upsetting they can be.

    I wouldnt be worried at all if I were you... by the time I was 18 weeks pg I had put on about 17kg I think... 8-[
    So IMO 5kg is next to nothing!
    And like the other girls have said - you will lose most of that weight within the few weeks after your bubby is born.

    Chin up, and dont let that nasty ob get you down, just concentrate on being healthy for your precious little bundle inside, who cares if you gain a few more kilos!

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    Mar 2005


    OMG how rude, I would of punched him!

    Listen honey, the most important thingis that bubs is healthy, I put on 30kgs with my first YEP 30!!! But only 6kgs with my 2nd, go figure, I wouldn't worry the last thing you need to go doingis to lose weight or not eat ok, just eat sensible, I say that as I hoe into a Tim Tam cornetto and a friggin crunchie!- Hon your ok-ignore the OB and tell him it's not appropriate! 8-[

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    Custardtart Guest

    I agree with all the others, focus on health not weight, and change specialists if you get another comment like that!

    Ambah, just for the record, when I was in fitness training and resetting my diet to boost metabolism , at times I had to eat SIX weet-bix in the morning to get the required amount of fibre and carbs. It is one of the healthiest cereals on the market, so I am very glad you changed Ob's. It sounds like your Ob needs retraining!!


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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Just so you know I work for [color=indigo]'wouldn't it be nice....'[/color], so I have bad foos around me all day, some days I just don't want any & others I get in at 8am & have a few choc bars immediately...
    I find I gorge & pig out until about 1pm & after that I am not hungry & have gone to bed without dinner as I just can't fit it in, I crave KFC Chips & all bad things & I give in alot of the time, but the next day all I want is a nice cold crispy fresh salad sandwich!!!!
    I just eat what I feel like as I noticed I have tried to put something in my mouth that I haven't craved or felt like & I just can't stomach it!!!!
    I try to be good, but it doesn't always work out that way!!!

    My OB has not said anything & I don't think I have gained too much mind you I am not getting on any scales either, coz I really don't care as long as all is going well, then no need to worry!