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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I agree with what everyone said. When I was weighed at the Dr's at 15 weeks I'd put on 4kg. I was totally happy with that and quite proud of myself, I honestly thought I'd put on a lot more. The Dr didn't say a word.

    With my second daughter I'd gained about 22kg, I craved bacon toasted sandwiches and ate nearly 3 or 4 a day and I also ate Violet Crumble bars, I couldn't help it! LOL But none of the professionals ever commented on my weight.

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    Oct 2004
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    OMG some of these GPs/OBs are so RUDE! I have my 2nd proper GP appointment this afternoon and now I'm stressing! *LOL*

    I wasn't happy about my weight at 9wks pg but then again, I had nothing to compare it to because I think all scales should be burnt! I've thrown up fairly constantly for the past 7wks since 6wks pg so theoretically I could likely have lost weight.

    What they forget is that so many of us suffer from M/S; and whilst you may be throwing up on a fairly constantly basis, you're basically eating whatever you can stomach and keep down. I dont know about anyone else but that pretty much involves anything starchy from bread to donuts (*L*) to rice to pasta. All the healthy stuff ie. fruit and vegies hasn't gone down too well with bubs.

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    clare076 Guest

    You know what, I am 14 weeks preg and have already put on 4.5kg. I was 58kg before hand (173cm tall, so slightly underweight) and a fitness freak. Since I fell preg I have had horrendous m/s and the only thing I can do is continually nibble on food. Unfortunately the only food group that helps the nausea is carbs.
    I really dont care if I put on 30kg, my theory is at the moment it's making my life a bit more bearable to eat. I can always lose the weight after bub's is born.
    Bugger the doctor. (man I presume, a women surely would never be that insensitive)
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

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    LeonaAlex Guest

    Your doctor sounds very insensitive.

    With my first child, I put on 14 kgs (he weighed 4kgs at birth), and then with my daughter nearly dobled my body weight! I weighed 53kgs when I fell pregnant with her, and gained 49kgs, but this is because I craved oil. I would eat butter and margarine with a spoon, and drink olive oil. I wouldn't recommend that kind of weight gain because it did cause complications in my third trimester.

    Anyway, with my third baby, I gained 17kgs, and now i am 30 wks with my 4th and I have gained 6kgs.

    All my babies are healthy, and I regained my pre-pregnancy shape within 3 months (even after my daughter)

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    Jillian - yes he is probably about 50-60 years old. i guess maybe it is a bit of an old school attitude that we should only put on so much

    i have dedided that as long as bub is healthy and that i am aware i am the one who has to put in the effort to lost the weight later, then what they say really doesnt matter at all,


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    Bonnie Doon

    Hi! I would have to say something to a dr like that for being so rude!

    My Dr weighed me on my first visit and when I mentioned weight gain in the 2nd visit said she doesn't worry about weight because it's pretty irrelevant. Also she had a student in the room - 4th year or something - and asked what she's being taught at the moment in regards to weight gain and the student said it hadn't even been a topic in class! I thought that was really interesting. It's just so not an issue because everyone is so different.

    For the record I've put on around 4kg so far! it's creeping up but my belly is growing with a healthy bub! What more could we wish for??

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    I started putting on the weight immediately, I ended up putting on 18kgs by the time I was 41 weeks.

    Take Care


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    hi again,

    just talked to a girlfriend last night who also had this same OB and she is tall and slim. he also told her that she put on too much weight, but said she was too small for dates in the one visit. she said she was really confused at the time. but anyway, he obviously thinks he is free to comment on every womans weight.

    feeling much better about it all,


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    Custardtart Guest

    I'd be writing a letter to his office saying how unprofessional and insulting I thought it was that he felt free to make disparaging remarks, if it was me. Maybe the guy is old-fashioned, but he needs to be aware that pregnant women are often emotionall overwrought and he needs to develop a better bedside manner!


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    Jun 2005

    Linda, im so sorry you had to endure such comments/attitude from your OB. Id say he may be a little old school indeed.

    My OB does not weigh his patients at all, has no scales in his consulting rooms. He told me as long as you and bubs are healthy then this is his main concern. I tried to tell him about my weight gain and he got upset with me and did not want to hear about it at all.

    The amount of weight you have put on is by no means excessive, im also at the half way mark and i have put on 8kgs, every person is different and more OB's need to start treating us all as individuals rather than trying to apply us to some "textbook formula".

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!