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    I have posted "kind of" about this in the third trimester forum but thought it might b good to just ask your guys opinion on this....

    well bout 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a pulomnary embolism (blood clot in my right lung) and it was pretty much touch and go at one point but now Im on a daily clexane injection (Blood thinning agent) im at home and stable. I was refferd to a Obstetrician at the Canberra hospital and was told by a nurse in a normal situation they would induce me before 37 week (im currently 33wks) because they will need to plan to take me off the clexane and thicken my blood up which could take 1 or 2 days then induce me to have bubs and quickly get put back on the thinning agent.

    the first time i went to the OB he said I would need to be tested for "underlying" genetic problems and we asked about inducement and he said it wasnt as easy as just setting a date at this point. So off i go to get a BT and last thursday I got the result back that there is an underlying problem, he really didnt explain it very well to me what the actual underlying problem was and i was nearly in tears as he was telling me that the result was "abnormal" I have a bad immune system, my body rejected the baby and as a result has been growing on its own as of 20wks and as a result becase my body doesnt like being pregnant I got a blood clot and will probably have problems in the future with my kidneys.

    Well really the twist starts here, In 2001 I had a BT for Von willibrands syndrome because my grandads mum had it (she bleed for 7 months of her pregnancies) my grandads sister has it (they found out when she nearly died under the knife getting a histerectomy) and my mum has it she has nearly died from it several times including getting her wisdom teeth out and then hemerraging(sp?) after giving birth to my brother. Von willibrands syndrome is a bleeding disorder that runs in families (usually females) and U DONT clot and can usually b picked up with BAD periods which I have. On a regular period basis I usually go for 14 days and can loose so much blood that I faint, and vomit. I was tested for endo but that was neg and then tested for Von willibrans and it came back Abnormal! so how the hell did I end up with a totally different Blood disorder???

    All Im worried about is the fact that when i asked my OB about Von willibrands syndrome he said it would have nothing to do with me and then we asked about inducement...still he doesnt have an answer. he also went on to say there could b a high chance of me having a small baby so im getting a scan this tuesday. We also asked about bleeding after the baby and he said "we will just get to that when we come to it" and said with inducment we will just play it by ear!

    So PLEASE can someone tell me what to do? Im SO confused??? should i ask to see another OB or even pay to see one?? we are So broke atm living off one income and havent got private health cover... I really dont know what to do Im just really confused...

    Im also really stressed about this baby cause I dont want it to have any problems if its too small what will they do? what if all the drugs Im on r actually harming the bubba and its not happy....

    I know your not doctors but you are all very wise women so anything u suggest will be greatly appreciated!

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    Shinee, ask to see another OB. Just say you need a clear and concise explanation for all your worries which you are definitely entitled to. All this worrying is not good for you. Dont let them brush you off. Demand proper answers. Some Drs can be so condescending but you cant let them treat you like that. Write all your questions down and ask them to explain it until you understand it. You can even take your mum.

    Good luck honey

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    Shinee, why not ring your OB and ask him to explain everything. He has all your history there so you won't have to go over it again. Write down all your questions so when you are talking to him you don't forget to ask anything. Have a pen handy to write down what he is saying (in point form or you may be there all day). Explain that you are really worried and need to have everything clear in your head. After all you are paying him for his professional opinon and need to understand what is going on. When you call don't be fobbed off by his receiptionist. Be really strong and tell them that you need to talk to him as you are confused with the prognosis. Good luck.

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    Nikbrad~ Im not paying for the OB I was thinking of paying for one... and the thing is he DOES have all my information there infront of him but when we go its like he hasnt even looked at them!

    Im going to my GP to get a referral tomoro so we can pay for an OB...not tht we have the $$ but peace of mind and a healthy baby is all I want... thanks for ur replies girls and i will b taking my mum Nat she always asks the questions my preggie brains seem to forget

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