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Thread: Why do people always say.........

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    The other comments I get alot are about being crazy for actually haveing more. But its nice to hear positive comments now & then about it. Just yesterday the ladies at the bank realised I was pg & couldn't belive I only have 2 month to go. But when asked if that was it & my reply was no. The only comment I got was "You go girl!"

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    I am sure that you are delt with whatever you can handle. My friends have had twins the day before their sons 1st birthday and they make wonderful parents. So, who cares when you decide to have kids, what age gap between them aslong as you love them all the same. Its none of their buisness. I started TTC when DS was 10 months old. One of my 'friends' told me if this one was a girl that i should stop having kids as i have one of each to my DF (as i have one to a previous relationship). I politely said its none of her buisness and said i was having 2 more. That made her think twice on what she said to me from then on!
    Have a good day and enjoy your bundles of joy!

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    My Father told me not to have any more children after my twins were born because HE had no more room left on his lap!
    When Lily was born, he didn't come to visit for 6 weeks because I hadn't taken his advice!
    Of course, then I was blessed with William and then Ivy and Noah.
    He learnt to shut his mouth after Lily because I didn't fall about his feet, begging forgiveness for my 'mistake'. In the end, he was the one who made the first move, never said sorry, just turned up, wanting to see her.

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