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Thread: XMAS HAM - yes or no?

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    Meegm, I also love the Italiam BMT Subs! They are definately my favourite. Better that those other chicken things, which even when heated up probably don't meet the Health Standard for heated food of 70 degrees.
    I can't decide if this whole debate of whether you can or can't eat cold ham, soft cheese and salami really is a big a health issue as we are all led to believe, or if it has just come along in the era of legal action galore? Ie, are we told not to eat these foods on the off chance that it has not been manufactured (think Garibaldi salami) or stored/served (nothing immediately comes to mind as an example) properly and on the off chance that one of us gets sick/baby gets sick or worse?
    Don't get me wrong, I don't eat sushi or pate to start with, and unless I am confident about what it is that I eat, even before I got pregnant, then I won't eat it. I do on the odd occasion eat ham (last night at work I was provided with very fresh and cold ham baguettes and roast beef sandwiches- there was lots to choose from, but I chose those), and I like salami on my pizza.
    I just did a bit of a search on the web for foods that we can and can't eat, but I think the main thing is to make sure the food is fresh and below 5 degrees or above 70.
    Also Meegm the problem with soft serve machines is that they breed bacteria very easily, and most places don't clean (read: empty out, clean and sterilse) their machines often enough to prevent this bacteria. I think the only place that got the thumbs up a number of years ago when there was an illness or death from soft serve was Macca's. They clean their soft serve machines daily I think, and their machines are practically bacteria free.
    Sorry about the long post! But I will be having some cold meats this Chrissie, especially if it is 40 degrees outside again!

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    Thnks Sweetpeajan....................good info to read... still hanging for a italian BMT tho hehehehehehe

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