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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC #1 - 2009

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    Oct 2008
    brisbane australia

    hi everyone its been a while since ive been here!

    Mum2C - thankyou for thinking of me! i cant wait to see you in here again hopefully with me, i havent had a scan yet but have heard the heartbeat.

    i see such sad news has happened too im so sorry for chez, i always followed you as i was only 2 and a bit weeks behind you. i feel for you, i shed a tear for you and ryans father aswell, its so awful i really wish there was something I could do for you

    TL - ive been thinking about u all week! and wondering what it must feel like to have a time and date set in stone to see your bub! oh it must be so great! i hope the birth goes smoothly tomorrow! so exciting!

    to the other few ladies due this week - BRING ON THE BABIES!

    TO ALL THE 1ST TRIMESTERS~ you will get there, its awful i know! i still vomit every morning but can get through the day, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel! as the other ladies in here can remember i was bedridden in and out of hospital for approx 10 weeks and on 2 different drugs but even I am on the mend now.

    AFM- i have the sorest boobies! especially the left one! the nipples are killing me and it wakes me up at night! i also heard the heartbeat on the doppler with GP at 14 weeks 4 days was 150BPM, i have scan booked for 20 weeks as i have a 4 week internship at redlands hospital and if its bad news dont want it to interfere with that, i wouldnt make it through, so ignorance is bliss at the moment. but i am still sick every morning and often at night so i guess thats reassuring, i also have quite a bit of pulling pains, but no movement yet, and still not showing!!! i can still button up all my regular clothes, but i know this isnt unusual so im not stressing. my bp is 150/90 and have a bit of leg swelling so might be pre-eclampsia for me and a possible CS but thats worse case scenario and i have a long way to go yet i will think positively!

    also im soooo scared of having a stillborn now that im in 2nd trimester, i dont think i could handle it, i keep dreaming about it and it seems at the moment i keep hearing sad stories of this happening, on here and in real life. im still inspecting the toilet paper and getting tension headaches, i love my baby so much now and my DF is slowly getting excited, he didnt get to hear the heartbeat though was working. i just dont know how i will get through the next 24 weeks!

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    Jul 2008

    Thanks BG - I've been doing the hips higher than arms things too. It's hideous - I already feel like an over ripe melon about to bust apart at the seems, but when i'm head down it's 100 times worse. All the blood goes to my head and my hands and I feel like my eyeballs are going to pop out of my vein-riddled, pulsing forehead. But, yes I am still doing it for short periods - especially when I can feel bubs trying to have a roll over. HAHAHA - the things we do, eh? How are you doing anyway - you have been a bot quiet in here recently....

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    Jul 2008

    Thanks BG - I've been doing the hips higher than arms things too. It's hideous - I already feel like an over ripe melon about to bust apart at the seems, but when i'm head down it's 100 times worse. All the blood goes to my head and my hands and I feel like my eyeballs are going to pop out of my vein-riddled, pulsing forehead. But, yes I am still doing it for short periods - especially when I can feel bubs trying to have a roll over. HAHAHA - the things we do, eh? How are you doing anyway - you have been a bit quiet in here recently....

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    it's so comfy isn't it nic? i've been doing it a little to try to get bubba off my back - don't love it at all.

    i'm doing ok-ish - still having nausea 24 hours a day, and started getting headaches a few weeks back that are getting worse as time goes by. i have started getting lots of back and hip pain too so i'm not loving how i feel!

    we've been working hard to get baby's room ready to go - so far it's looking exactly how we wanted it to, which is awesome!

    9 weeks to go and starting to feel so completely over being pg. have had some stressful issues with DH's work lately, which is probably why i've been a little quiet. it's lead to a lot of stress for me. i tend to just withdraw into myself a little.

    sitting here now with a rather uncomfy BH hitting me - am starting to worry about going post dates, but more worried about going early and DH not being home with me when baby is born! so much going on in my head and it's just not a good thing so i guess i have withdrawn a little...

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    Oct 2008

    just wanted to wish TL good luck for tomorrow!
    Janie - also thinking of you and hoping your little one arrives very soon.
    mels xx

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    Mar 2007

    Thinking of you Janie and am sure your little one will make their entrance when they are ready.

    Best of luck TL for tomorrow....soo exciting

    Bellyrubs to all

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    Sep 2006
    Beaudesert, QLD

    Janie all the best sweetie, its only a matter of time and you will be holding your little one, wooooohoooo cant wait!!!

    TL just think this time tomorrow, you will be holding your little girl in your arms. its so amazing this time tomorrow your life will be changed, you will be a MUMMY!!! woooohooooooooo

    all the best girls

    and to everyone else, hope you are all growing nice big bellies & feeling well

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    barney Guest

    Good luk tl

    all the very best tomorrow linda
    try and get some sleep tonight hun if the nerves dont take over
    good luk linda and clive
    love the smiths xxoo
    cant wait to hear your ba

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    Jul 2008

    Oh GL TL.... I am so excited for you.

    Janie... any moment now.... though you must be very impatient at present..... hope they come out soon...

    Hope everyone is well....

    AFM, bub is doing very well... as for mummy...gained so much weight... but some of it is related to water retention... I have carpal tunnel syndrome to my left hand and it is killing me... so can't even type very well at present. Good thing blood pressure is o.k. No stretch marks as yet....

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    Mar 2008

    Hi girls

    Just a really quick one to say Goodluck tomorrow TL I will be thinking of you getting to meet your little girl at long last!!

    Janie can't be long now i hope everything goes well and your suprise is here before the end of the week!

    AFM- I have a C/S booked for 6th May so interested in any stories!

    Love Bee

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    Nov 2007

    Nixon...noticed you were interested to hear about people's C/S stories. I had an elective C/S 10 weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I had no complications, was off pain relief and standing upright 48 hrs later. My husband was allowed to take photos of my little girl being pulled out (very bizarre!!) so we didn't miss out on the actual birthing experience. I was driving after 2 and half weeks and lifting bub in her capsule after 3 without any pain. I obviously didn't overdo things but all in all I had a speedy recovery. If I had to do it all again I would in a heartbeat. Mind you my bub was 10 pound so I have absolutely nooo interest in birthing naturally after that! You will have so many people tell you their negative C/S stories, and you never seem to hear the good ones. I had so many people tell me that I was taking the easy way out, but whats so easy about having major abdominal surgery??? Whenever someone questioned my decision to have a C/S my response was why did you elect to give birth naturally. Mind you most of them opted for pain relief and in my opinion there isn't anything natural about that!!! I hope this helps ease your mind, and if you want the more detailed info (IYKWIM) PM me and I'll be glad to let you know


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    Jul 2008

    BG - You have done the calmbirth course, haven't you? Maybe you can channel those worries and fears through some of the relaxation techniques and give yourself some peace. Whenever I feel my worries starting to overtake me I have to cut them off otherwise I am a useless mess - I tend to snowball when I worry. At first it will be little things and then those little things trigger more worries about bigger things and it then seems to take on a life of it's own until I have a meltdown. Some things are out of our control and I find the best way to control that fact is to acknowledge it, make peace with it and then let it go. I hope things get better with your DH work and I'm sure baby will wait for her daddy to be there - you just need to talk to her and explain your worries and ask her to wait. It sounds to me hat she loves her daddy very much already and wouldn't want him to miss out on the fun :-)

    BB73 - Thanks for posting. I think a lot of the not so good C/S stories that I have heard come out of emergency situations where the mum has got to the point of exhaustion and then gets rushed thru to theatre etc. I am worried about infection - I've heard a very guresome storry about a staf infection resulting after a c/s and I myself have had a staf infection after keyhole surgery several years ago. I also had a very strong picture in my mind of holding my baby immediately after the birth and having that time to just be and that still really upsets me that I won't get to have that moment. That's probably what upsets me the most and I don't think there is anyway to arrange to get that moment if I have a c/s. I just feel like I'm losing something that I can never get back. Thanks for the positive story - it always helps to hear some one elses experience.

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    Nov 2007
    Country Vic - West of Ballarat

    Hi Everyone

    Just dropping in to wish Janie all the best and hope that your little one arrives all by itself in the next couple of days. Maybe it just wants to be an April baby.

    AFM: My First Trimester test results are back in and unfortunately I currently have a UTI, which is such a pain in the butt..... So am now on a course of antibiotics to try and clear it up but as I'm suseptible to UTI's I think that I will suffer from lots of them over the next 6 or so months. First day back to work yesterday after my 2 weeks off, all m/s gone but I was so exhausted when I got home I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Although I'm tired this morning as I had indigestion again at about 2am and then stretching pains from about 5am, my lower back is also killing me. I'm starting to see a little bump starting to grow so at least I know the pains are doing something for real.

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    Nov 2004
    Melbourne VIC

    Just back from midwife appt, have been referred to OB who I am seeing at 5 today to book in for my c/s which is likely to be next week. I can't believe this is all happening.
    BP is up which is not surprising given the week I've had and DH has given me his germy cold. really really not happy!
    Feel good knowing that I will know what's happening by the end of today and I can better prepare myself.

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    Jul 2008

    Good luck Megan. My DH has given me his germy cold too!!! Miserable sore throat and cough. Hope you feel better soon.

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    Feb 2009

    Good luck TL and Janie - so exciting! Can't wait to hear all about it

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    Oct 2008

    Good afternoon girls,

    Hope your well

    KellyD - what a bugger that you have a UTI. Hope the anti-biotics work soon and it gets better. Glad your m/s has subsided for you too

    Megan - WOW it is all happening for you. Hope all goes well at your appt this arvo. GL.

    to everyone else.

    AFM, I go for my 6 week scan tomorrow. I am so looking forward to seeing the babies heartbeat. It will make it all the more real. I dont really "feel" pregnant as yet. Although my bb's have grown. Have to go get a new bra on the w/e! Ive also been experiencing constipation (sorry, TMI) the last few days, its not very pleasant. Any ideas as to how to combat that? Have felt a little queasy the past few mornings as well but nothing too bad.

    Take care,


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    Oct 2008
    Far north Queensland

    Hey there,
    what a thriving little room it is at the moment in here. No wonder we are kicking a few of you out this month. I'm so excited to hear the post from TL and good luck to you too Janie and Megan.

    It's an anxious time for lots of you as you move towards the exciting end, but I hope you know that your stories and experiences are a huge help to us with a long way to go.

    Briggsysgirl, I'm sorry to hear that you are sitting back in a bit of a sad way. I know that the time that we most need help is the time that we hide ourselves away. I hope that Nixon's advice was useful and you are back out of your shell just as soon as you are ready.

    21&TCC, I can't believe you are still suffering, despite being much better. Hang in there, it sounds like you're almost through it.

    MissMagpie, it's great that you are having your 1st scan. GL tomorrow.

    AFM, ha, I survived the boat trip without incident would you believe? My sister did pack me a bag of all sorts of preggy treats, pills and even accupressure wristbands. I didnt even get seedy and it was a lovely full day on the water (despite the sad occasion). I didn't actually get sick til that night on dry land when the boat wouldnt stop rocking and I fell over on two guests at the wake...how embarrassment!

    Unfortunately, wasn't able to relax while away, as i got more bleeding on the drive down and had three days of brown spotting (no red and no cramps so I wasn't too worried, just enough to have doubts). Anyway, I had my scan today with DH there and we have a very healthy heartbeat 144 bpm so we are pretty happy with that.

    I got an official due date as 8th November. How does that fit with you MissMagpie, cos I think they dated me back a week so my scan read 7 weeks 3 days and not 8 weeks and 1 day.

    Better let you go and search for the arrival notice of Miss Charlotte. Is she here yet?

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