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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC #2 - 2009

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    Pregnancy after Long Term TTC #2 - 2009

    Welcome to the Pregnancy after Long Term TTC forum. Finally you have gotten over one big hurdle - pregnancy after long term trying to conceive! Pregnancy that follows can often be very nerve-racking or may involve more monitoring than other pregnancies. Discuss your experiences and thoughts here.

    If you have any concerns within the thread please email/ PM any of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum (all emails & PM's are treated equally & confidentially) :-

    Sarah_H - Admin

    gargy Moderator
    dusty Moderator

    To contact any of the above, please see this post.

    Also, don't forget to check out the informative BellyBelly Pregnancy Articles.
    Your last thread can be found HERE.

    Here's wishing each and every one of you, a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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    Great to see so many new LTers transfer over to this thread! Congrats everyone.
    Also Murph I can help you out with the formatting/editing of everyone's EDD post, if you can keep it up to date. Thanks for offering to take on the batton from Nixon who has done a great job!
    Good luck and belly rubs to everyone.

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    Mar 2008

    Woo hoo! New thread... Sending to all.

    Quick question for those girls who have baby bits stuck under their ribs.. any clues on getting bubs to move a bit to make things a bit more comfortable? Been in a fair bit of pain all afternoon with something stuck up high in my rib cage.

    Have a great week everyone.

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    Hi all - just wanted to keep subscribed to the thread so I can keep track of how you are all going.

    Big congrats to Megan on Noah (love the name). Sorry haven't been in here earlier, but as I am sure you are aware - life is a little hectic at the moment!

    AFM - all is going well. Jasmine is a very good baby, but like most bubs her age, has been suffering a little with wind, so has been a little unsettled. Apart from that BF is going well, she is not refluxy which is great and she is just too cute for words. Can I just say to all of you still waiting the arrival of your miracles, there really is nothing like holding your own little baby in your arms - it is MAGIC.

    GL to you all and I am keeping a close eye on how you are going.

    Janie xxx

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    Hi Grub

    A Belly band is an elastic type of strap that you use when you can't do up your button anymore on your pants. You use the band to basically be able to do up your pants as your belly grows. They have 2 different sizes of bands in the pack and when your tummy gets really big you also have material that you thread onto the belly band to cover the gap up as you can't do up your zipper.

    I also have bought a couple of waist bands as well (they are the one's you are talking about) but at the moment I can get away wirth just having a long top over my work pants or jeans to hide the belly band.

    I found mine really hard to find, but I live in the country and we only have 1 maternity shop (which is closed on Sunday's) so ended up getting it from Bra's N Things. For a $30 investment and not having to buy maternity jeans or maternity pants for work, I think it was a fantastic investment.

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    oh Janie- that is wonderful! so glad all is going well

    all the best to everyone else in here

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    Just jumping in the new thread, think I over did it today at the shops and be thinking it's time for June Bug and I to catch a few Zzzzzz.

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    May 2008
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    Hi girls

    Janie, Jasmine sounds divine.

    Hello to everyone!

    Does anyone know if it is safe to get a massage? I have heard conflicting views and don't want to do the wrong thing. Thanks girls.

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    after 13 weeks it's generalkly ok Neptune - but i'd be getting myself to someone that specialises in pregnancy massage. tehre ARE trigger points in odd spots that can cause pre-term labour. from what friend (masseuse) said, the preference is for you to be feeling movement before you get a full massage as you can feel the baby get worked up if blood flow to uterus increases too much

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    EDD Updated 3 May 09

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    Mon----12.06.2009----It's a Boy & a Girl - Crik&Croc
    LNB----05.07.2009----It's a ....? - Fred Bear
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    Wherethereshope----??.??.2009---- It's a ....? - BabyH
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    KellyD----24.10.2009----It's a ....? - Bubble
    Murph01----08.11.2009----It's a ....? - Little Chicken
    Miss Magpie----20.11.2009----It's a ....? - Baby Pie
    TwoMums----09.12.2009---- It's a ....? - Pipette
    Lalitearns----??.??.2009----It's a ....?
    Grub17----13.12.2009----It's a ....? - Grubby Bub

    Briggsy's Girl----Welcome Emerald
    NicoleS----Welcome Aaron
    Bel----Welcome Sebastian & Isabelle
    Tiggerlinda----Welcome Charlotte!
    Janie71----Welcome Jasmine!
    Megan---Welcome Noah!
    Bee83----Welcome Jacob!
    Nixon----Welcome Asher!

    Our thoughts and prayers go to those whose beautiful mothers whose precious babies have been taken too soon

    Much loved & wanted daughter of Hippy Mum & Hippy Dad, Georgia Ariela taken too early from this earth 12-03-09 @ 22wk 6d
    Much loved and wanted son of Chez67 & her DH, Ryan Patrick, born sleeping 17-03-09 @ 18wk 1d
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    Murph, not a silly question at all....it takes time working around this site
    What you need to do is in the top right hand corner under your user name click the link that says Private Messages.
    Then go to Send New Message (left hand column) and then under Recipient Username you just need to type in Dusty and away you go

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    hi girls - just jumping on the new thread. hope everyone is doing well.
    mels xx

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    Hi girls,

    Just a quick question. Ive tried to add my ticker but for some reason it isnt working. Ive cut and paste both options into my signature and saved it and when Ive then posted a message, it doesnt come up. When you cut and paste the link, should the ticker appear straight away or does it just stay in text form?

    HELP! Im feeling left out without one.



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    Feb 2009

    Hi there - just jumping on to the new thread. Hope you're all well. Jenx

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    on the verge of greatness!

    hi girls,
    also just a quick hello on the new thread.

    can't help you miss magpie, i just copied the stuff and put it in the second box and it work as you can tell i'm very technically minded! lol.

    hi nicoles, murph, bg, neptune, mels, jainie, kaydee et al.

    kellyD - thanks so much for the belly band info. i think they sound like a pretty good investement. i'll still probably gets some maternity pants for work i think. we''ll see how it all goes.

    AFM: home today after a big day at work yesterday. was so tired went to bed at 7pm then starting thinking... and we all know you shouldn't do that when trying to sleep... ended up in a knot of stress over crazy things ie where we would put visitors once the baby arrives? are they going to want to visit when i'm due? how do i tell them we don't have a bed for them??? and work stuff. it wasn't good. but eventually got to sleep and was able to talk to dh about it this morning (he's on shift so wasn't home for my mental). also spoke to my boss who also got up me about stressing and feel better now. I"m so amazingly lucky to have a wonderful wonderful boss. after a decade of crap bosses, i can really appreciate him.

    hope everyone else is well.


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    Anyone heard or seen Nic?? (nixon)
    If your out there I hope you are resting up for bubs to arrive

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    Murph, there is a message for you from me. If you follow Nic's directions you should find it. Just click reply. Also you just need to edit your previous post above and copy and paste the EDDs in there and I can help you with the formating etc.

    Tania, that is strange about your ticker. Are you using a BellyBelly one? You should be able to copy the code you generate into your signature and save it. Let me or the mods know in the Forum Help threads if it doesn't work again.

    I also wanted to share that I saw gorgeous Bel last week in hospital and she was looking fabulous and was so positive and chirpy. I think all the support you have been giving her is keeping her quite buoyed! I saw 4D scans of the bubs and they look perfect as does her lovely bump. Go Bel and bubs!


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    hi ladies just jumping on the new thread also! i hope to feel bubs move sometime in the next 2 weeks, please please please, ive felt a few things but still dont want to say its def the bub! time will tell! yesterday at my clinical placement i followed a patient through theatre and accidently went to the wrong ward, it was maternity! i broke down in the bathroom seeing all these heavily pregnant women walking round and bubs crying, im so scared it wont happen to me i had to get out of there only to go to recovery and see a poor lady crying her eyes out, i read her chart and saw she had a D&C for a miscarriage i just wanted to go over there and say IVE BEEN THERE! and give her a hug but she wasnt my patient and she was with the social worker, i was soooo down the whole day and fighting back tears, i didnt want DF to worry and had to focus on what i was doing anyway have a nice night girls!

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