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thread: Pregnancy After Long Term TTC - September 2005

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Ahhh thanks Sal. Ooops, so is this the correct tally so far, did I miss anyone?
    2 girls: Carrie, Tam
    6 boys: Sarah, Belmarks, Hayseed, Gab, Sal, Tam
    11 unknown: Tiffx2, Felix, Jox2, Cailin, Amy, Mel, Shell, Sush, Shazz

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Hmm IKWYM Tiff, good luck for your scan. So your finding out the gender too?

    Sal, wow, cloth nappies, they will look so cute, but I don't envy you on the washing. My sis started out with them & gave up after a few wks, hehehe.

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    Oct 2004
    Beaconsfield, Victoria

    Thanks heaps girls for all the congrats!!!

    Shell and Tiff, I am sure that all is fine with you both.

    Tiff can't wait till Wednesday to see what you are having.

    Well we went out for dinner last night with the parents and told them about the babies at dinner. Well as can be expected, they were absolutely thrilled. Dinner was to die for, so yummy and the Lion King, well I don't think words can express how good it actually was.

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    tiggy Guest

    Thanks Shell, yep, finding out, place your bets now for combination of babies!!

    Tam, so glad that dinner was great, parents were thrilled and Lion King was excellent! Am insanely jealous!!! (about the Lion King part). Wanted to go when it was in Sydney but DH didn't get the hint.

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    Oct 2004
    Beaconsfield, Victoria

    Tiff maybe you can come to Melbourne to see Lion King. And my bets are on 2 boys for you, Tiff.

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    tiggy Guest

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see if everyone's boy vibes are right.
    My midwife thinks two boys too!

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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness


    Two boys too (would love to be different but I just have a feeling)


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    Jan 2005
    New Zealand

    Must say I am hopeless on the gender prediction game but will follow Sal's lead as she seems to be good at this game!

    Tiggy and Shell - hope you are both well and bleeding/spotting has stopped.

    Sal - I bought a packet of disposables the other day (not sure which way I'm going to go but figure they'll get used anyway), I like smelling them!! Is that weird? They smell so yummy and baby! What kind of napps did you get in the end? I've started to do some research and it's so confusing - so many to choose from.

    Well I had our meeting with our midwife today - she is great, I'm so happy. Looks like we're 99% going for a home, water birth. Eek!! No actually I'm feeling really good about it and positive. So we can either hire a birthing pool or she recommends these paddling pools from The Warehouse for about $40!! I think it's quite funny really. I found out there's nothing they can do at our local hosp that she can't do so figure I may as well be at home. At the first sign of any complications you get put in the ambulance to a city hosp (about 2 hours away) so at the moment as long as everything is fine - that's the plan.

    Had a strange toothbrush spew episode this morning. Hmmmm, bought an electric toothbrush as I thought it might help with the gagging etc Must have pushed it too far and threw up in the bathroom sink!! My first spew so far!! Anyway I think it's quite funny now, wasn't at the time!!

    Take care everyone - hope you're all well.

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    Sal Guest

    Hi girls! Friday again already - time flies!

    Tiff, staying rested in bed sounds good, am getting very excited for you about your scan on Wed. I know you dread the thought of dealing with two spouts at once, but sorry I get boy x 2 vibes from you! I'd love to be wrong and you to have a mixed pair like Tam is.

    Amy, IKWYM re nappy scent, I saw my delicious little 9mo nephew a few weeks back (and of course monopolised his care!) and I thought his nappies (the clean ones of course!) smelled great, too. I bought 4x fuzzibunz and 4x swaddlebees pocket nappies (the swaddlebees are extremely cute looking) and have also bought a dozen chinese prefolds with bummis covers, as well as a hemp honeys and a wonderoos (these apparently go from birth-toddler) to try out. So I have a full set of cloth to start with. Shell, I hope I can stick it out with cloth because they are not a cheap outlay, well they could have been if I'd stuck with prefolds but the new pocket nappies are just too cute to shun. But in the long run they will be much cheaper than disposables and environmentally better, too. Having said that, Tiff, Tam and Jo I couldn't even contemplate doing cloth with twins!

    Tam, I saw the Lion King twice when I was living in London and I don't think any other musical comes close to being as entertaining and impressive. Your parents must be absolutely thrilled...and your mum can buy both the blue and the pink clothes!

    Eergh Amy, I don't envy you the toothbrush chuck... Speaking of which, Me-el, Me-el, are you out there? How are you doing?

    What's everyone's plans this weekend? I have an earlybird antenatal physio class at the hosp tomorrow, no idea what that involves. Other than that, staying in Brissy, have a big assignment to get finished. Oh! DP may have a job opportunity at the Gold Coast, which would mean we would move to Tweed Heads, so that's pretty exciting. Not sure how it would all work re moving hosp etc, but I figure that lots of women do it.

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    Oct 2004
    Beaconsfield, Victoria

    Sal I hear you on the cloth with twins. We are doing disposable for sure. However Planet Arc will recycle my used nappeis for $15-20 a month (I have to find out which cost it is for my area). You get a bin, like your rubbish wheelie bin, put your nappies in there including the bag you wrap them in and every fortnight they come and pick them up. The bin is lined and they replace the liner each pickup. So I figure this is the best I can do with regards to caring about the environment.

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    Sal Guest

    Tam, that's very environmentally responsible! And an early YAY for you when you hit the magic 20w tomorrow!!

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your thoughts and wishes. Much appreciated.

    Tam - congratulations on your pigeon pair!! DH was in the room and I told him and he said, "how perfect"!

    While I'm here... and I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit...this was a question on my mind after we got the thumbs up (and before the thumbs down IYKWIM) - with an IVF pregnancy, should we see a private OB? I had never thought of it before, but people kept telling me I should see one ASAP. I thought with a bit more time up my sleeve ( #-o ) I could perhaps look into finding one.

    Hope you're all doing well. 8-[ I must admit I lurk every now and then to check up on you!

    BlueSky (previously just "blue")

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    Feb 2005

    Hello Lovelies,

    Sorry I've been MIA for a while.

    Firstly, Amy - I was so sorry to read about your kittens. That is just devastating. It's so hard to go through something like that, especially now. Thinking of you.

    Tam - that is excellent that you are having one of each ... how fabulous! You must be stoked.

    Tiff - Hmmm ... I'm notoriously bad at guessing genders but I'll have a go anyway. I'll put my money on two boys for you.

    Sal - I was looking at those cloth nappies too. Baby Beehinds is one site I've had bookmarked for a while. Still trying to work out which way to go. I can see the benefits of the initial outlay over the longer term expense of buying disposables for sure.

    Gabby - good to see you back and to hear that everything is going well. Can't believe you are the next cab off the rank. It seems like only yesterday you were having that glass of vino because you thought the cycle hadn't worked. Amazing!

    Sush - I started looking into my mat leave entitlements too and am now thinking I won't mind being all done with work by the end of February. Hope you can go on there as long as you like ... I understand the money worries though, for sure.

    I've been on hiatus due to exhaustion and unrelenting nausea but it seems to be abating a little now. Have had four days off work but I've been going the rest of the time (not that I'm much use while I'm there) and sneaking off for a kip in the sick bay at lunch time. Can't wait for that second trimester to start. My belly has popped out already and is particularly obvious at night (and no, it's not gas).

    I had my maternal serum screening this week and the nuchal translucency scan is on the 19th so hopefully all is well. Even if all is not well, that's as far as I'm willing to go with the testing. The obstetrician said that I'm not alone feeling that way ... many IVF patients feel the same. My instinct tells me that everything is fine but I'm not sure how I can know this.

    On the topic of gender ... I was thinking Apple is probably a boy but now with the news that my brother and sister in law are having another boy, I'm kind of hoping that Apple might be a lass. At the moment, my parents have four grandsons and one granddaughter so it might be nice to add a little to the female side. We shall just have to wait and see.

    Hope you are all well and that we will have some more new entrants to this forum soon (Keen, my eye is upon you).


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    Jan 2005
    New Zealand

    Mel - Was wondering how you were and thought the m/s was knocking you around a bit. Good to hear your feeling better now. I'm with you on the testing, regardless of the outcome we wouldn't have considered termination - we went with the NT scan just to see bubba more than anything.

    Blue - Can't help you on the private OB query sorry - things are a bit different in NZ when it comes to that.

    TamB - That is a very cool thing re recycling the nappies, wish I had that option here but we don't even have proper recycling bins yet.

    I'm not up to much this weekend - I worked yesterday (Saturday) so will just bum around the house today I think.

    Take care everyone! Jo - How are you sweet??

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    tiggy Guest

    good to see you back, hun. Sorry that the m/s is knocking you around but it's a good thing too, IYKWIM.

    So, there are no takers for anything else? It's just double spouts all round? Ok we'll just have to wait and see.

    Mel, when are you going to get your preggy belly????

    Having a lazy weekend, was going scrapbooking tonight but now those plans are up in the air, might have to accompany a friend to Sydney for a wedding she wants to go to, that her hubby is suddenly unable to attend!
    Seriously hoping for a quiet scrapping night.

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    Sep 2004

    Mel - bummer about all the nausea your experiencing. Hope it eases up real soon - you're not too far off the second tri, so thats encouraging. By the way, you can count on me being in here very very soon - I can feel it in me waters

    Cai - Another boy in the LT TTCers group hey? Seems to be a bit of a trend, with only Carrie recently having a gal and Tam expecting one.... maybe Tiff will get to balance things out after all.... or somebody else who has yet to find out...? Should keep a record in the summary of he number of boys and girls born to grads.

    Tiff - Id like to think you might be having one of each, but I (unoriginally) am only having the double spout hunch too. Hope you get to do some scrapbooking.

    Blue - I asked my fertility specialist (also an OB GYN) about whether we should see ob having had IVF and he said really shouldnt make any difference - is a personal choice.

    TamB - that is such a good idea about the nappy recycling.... wonder if we have access to that where I live...?

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    Sep 2004

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    Apr 2005
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    Ok - I have a confession - I'm a closet lurker on this thread. Everyone here inspires me and I know I shall be able to come out of the closet and join you ladies soon.

    I shall just rub everyone's belly now and quietly slip away........

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