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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC ~ August 2005

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    Feb 2004

    Pregnancy after Long Term TTC ~ August 2005

    If you'd like to be added to the list below, please leave your crucial details and I'll add them
    Thanks ladies and congratulations...

    Forum Name:
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Boy - / Girl -
    Baby's Website:
    Time TTC:
    Number of previous pgs:
    Any assistance:
    Fertility Issues:

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: carrie
    State: VIC
    Due: 07 November 2005
    Hospital: knox
    Ultrasound Dates: 20 week on 21.6.05
    Gender of Baby: Surprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Andrian/Cass / Ariana
    Baby's Website:
    Time TTC: 5yrs
    Number of previous pgs: 0
    Any assistance: IVF ICSI
    Fertility Issues: Not ovulating/hubby abnormal sperm

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Name: BumbleBea (Gabby)
    State: NSW
    Due: 29 November 2005
    Hospital: North Shore Private
    Ultrasounds: 6/40, 7/40, 12/40 and 19/40 on 5/7/05
    Gender of Baby: boy
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Yep, but am sworn to secrecy like Sal
    Baby's Website: see WWW link in my signature
    Time TTC: 2.5 years
    Any Assistance: IVF/ICSI (2 full stim cycles, this bubs is result of 1st FET cycle done naturally with Progesterone post transfer)
    Fertilitiy Issues: Nil - Undiagnosed infertility after 4 miscarriages

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Name: Sal
    State: QLD
    Due: 19 January 06
    Hospital: No Idea! New to Brissy...
    Ultrasounds: @ 12 weeks
    Gender of Baby: Will find out...TBA
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Yep, but am sworn to secrecy
    Baby's Website:
    Time TTC: 3.5 years
    Any Assistance: Metformin only (prev clomid, plus IVF x 2)
    Fertilitiy Issues: PCOS, moderate Endo

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: TamB
    State: Vic
    Due: 27 January 06
    Hospital: South Eastern Private
    Ultrasound Dates: 7/6, 23/6, 21/7
    Gender of Babies: Don't Know yet
    Babies Names Chosen: Don't Know yet
    Baby's Website: In signature
    Time TTC: 18months
    Number of previous pgs: 1 (ectopic & M/C)
    Any assistance: Yes, IVF 2 cycles
    Fertility Issues: Lost left tube after ectopic pg, right one blocked

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Tiggy
    State: NSW
    Due: 5/2/06 but will be born at 34 weeks so Christmas Day !?
    Hospital: John Hunter Hospital under the wonderful Andrew Bisits!
    Ultrasound Dates: 19/7/05, 27/7/05
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surprise Don't know yet TWINS
    Baby Names Chosen: Boy - / Girl -
    Baby's Website: Soon
    Time TTC: 14 months
    Number of previous pgs: 7 (4 m/c, twins 9, singleton 7, one baby who only lived for five days)
    Any assistance: Clomid, IUI, none of which worked, conceived during a clomid free break!
    Fertility Issues: Unexplained secondary infertility over the last 11 years

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Felix
    State: NSW
    Due: 11th Feb 05
    Hospital: South West Private Hospital
    Ultrasound Dates: unsure?
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surprise Surprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Isabella / Mia / Luca Joseph
    Baby's Website: N/A
    Time TTC: 2 years
    Number of previous pgs: 0
    Any assistance: Naturopathy
    Fertility Issues: irregular ovulation - long cycles, post - pill problems. Never taking oral contraception again!

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Name: Jo
    State: Vic
    Due: 24th Feb, so my book reckons!
    Hospital: Dunno?
    U/s dates: In about 6 weeks time.
    Gender: Will be a surprise
    Baby names: Will be a surprise
    Baby's website: Not yet
    Time TTC: 10 months
    Number of previous pgs: 3, 1-Jack and 2-biochemical
    Any assistance: ICSI IVF
    Fertility issues: DH has abnormal sperm

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Cailin
    State: Vic
    Due: 4 March 2006 (roughly)
    Hospital: Frances Perry
    Ultrasound Dates: Don't know yet
    Gender of Baby: Don't Know yet
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Averlie Anais/Rouge (undecided on middle) Seth Luc Paul
    Baby's Website: Not yet
    Time TTC: 24 mths with 3 mths off
    Number of previous pgs: 4 1 mc when young, Paris, 2 m/c's between Oct 04, Feb 05.
    Any assistance: Yes, Clomid Metformin & Astrix
    Fertility Issues: PCOS

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: NZGirl
    State: NZ
    Due: 6th March 2006 (My Birthday!)
    Hospital: Not sure yet
    Ultrasound Dates: 19/07 30/08
    Gender of Baby: We plan on finding out!
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Boy - / Girl - Not sure yet.
    Baby's Website: At bottom of my signature
    Time TTC: 2 years
    Number of previous pgs: 0
    Any assistance: IVF - Two goes
    Fertility Issues: DH has very low sperm count

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: Melbo (Melissa)
    State: Victoria
    Due: 4 April 2006 (I think)
    Hospital: Not sure, but I'm thinking Freemasons
    Ultrasound Dates: 15 August (6 week scan)
    Gender of Baby: Not known yet but I know I'll want to find out eventually.
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Girl definite but Boy subject to change
    Baby's Website: see link in signature
    Time TTC: Three years
    Number of previous pgs: None
    Any assistance: All credit due to Dr Hale at MIVF
    Fertility Issues: Endometriosis and otherwise unexplained infertility

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: shell_l_d
    State: NSW
    Due: 14 Apr 06
    Hospital: NPH
    Ultrasound Dates: 31 Aug
    Gender of Baby: Can't wait to find out...
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Cameron Kenneth / Holly Maree
    Baby's Website: See "www" in signature
    Time TTC: 24 cycles (5 off)
    Number of previous pgs: 0
    Any assistance: Clomid, AIH, surgery 31/5, chiro, naturopathy, multievits
    Fertility Issues: cin2 surgery narrowing/scarring, endo, anovulation

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Forum Name: sushee
    State: WA
    Due: 17th April 2006
    Hospital: St John of God Murdoch with Dr Chris Nichols (my wonderful IVF FS, now my obgyn!)
    Ultrasound Dates: @ 7 weeks
    Gender of Baby: Surprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Boy – undecided / Girl - undecided
    Baby's Website: tba
    Time TTC: since July 2001
    Number of previous pgs: 6, all in my early 20s, 3 children, 2 terminations, 1 m/c.
    Any assistance: IVF Blastocyst Transfer, my 8th cycle!
    Fertility Issues: blocked tubes from failed tubal ligation reversal

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005

    Thanks everyone for your kind messages and support.



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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Apr 2004
    Sydney, NSW

    YAY Mel!!!

    Welcome, Welcome Welcome!!

    It is so good to see more graduants!!

    Hello everyone, gotta rush off to the hospital (to work, don't worry!) so will post later!

    Hope everyone is well!!

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    Apr 2004
    Sydney, NSW

    Ok, Just got back from work - dinner is in the oven, the lemon tart is cooked, so I have time for a quick update before I have to do the ironing.. all the while hoping the phone does not ring, and I don't have to run to the hospital again...

    All work and not much play makes me very boring girls!!!

    Thanks to all those who have worried about me!! You are all so sweet, but I have been having a few dramas with work (see later), so it has been a bit stressful, plus we have started to tear our house apart, so no internet for a while!!

    Well, baby first! It has finally started to kick last week!! My hubby and I both felt him together for the first time late one night last week when we were on our way to Brisbane for an interview I had to attend. It is the oddest but wonderful sensation, and it was really special that we both felt it at the same time! Since then, I get to feel him a few times a day, and most of the time it is great except when he seems to grab/kick/whatever my cervix... boy that sends a jolt through me.. very odd feeling!! Next obstetrician appt is this coming Friday 5/8, and I guess there must be some tests for diabetes etc coming up?? I have also finally popped, and proud to say that I definitely am showing now, even though a few people said to me that they weren't sure whether to ask... so that must mean I am still in the fat stage!! But without clothes (a scary sight!!) it is definitely a baby belly. I have put on 5kg so far - seems a lot, but I am not able to exercise at the moment. My hips/sacrum seem to have a mind of their own, guessing that I have quite a bit relaxin on board. Oh well, guess it will be good for the birth thing!!

    Ok, work - where do I start??

    As you know, I am training to be a surgeon. The kind of workloads we do are quite extensive, usually around 70-100 hrs per week. Last 14 days, I worked 165 hours. Normally, whilst incredibly tiring and not much good for your social life, I can cope. It is a life and a career that I haave chosen and love, and I know when I get to finish and be a specialist (a few years away yet, but more on that later), I will be able to control and direct my hours a lot more than I can now, so I reassure myself and keep going in the knowledge that these hours too will pass.

    Anyway, the rostering people at my hospital (specifically the HR officer who btw is facing the prospect of IVF) and the surgical rostering doc were both privy to my IVF dramas etc., the incredible BFP, the pregnancy etc. They knew from week 5 I was pg, and from week 12 (the NT scan) that it was progressing as well as could be hoped. At that time, we jointly decided that I would continue to work a normal roster until such time I felt too tired etc, and needed to amend my hours - here we are talking about reducing my hours to 40-50 per week, ie a full time job.

    Two weeks ago, I was rostered to do relief for a term, this means whoever of the surgical trainees needs a holiday, has one and I go and work their job for them. So, I was told I had to go to another hospital for 3 weeks and work 12hrs/dly plus every fourth night was a straight 36 hr on site shift, during which you are allowed to sleep IF you can. I spoke to one of the reg's there and he told me if you sleep 2 hrs in that 36 hr period you are doing well! So, I called our admin and said at 5.5 month pg this is not possible for me to do. Only to be told that I was a reliever, and as such I had to go and do whatever the job was and to sort it out with the other hospital. Well, I called them, and they said, they understood etc., but since they were NOT informed that I was pg, they let other docs go on hols so they were 2 down already, and they were not able to take me off the overime, SO, short story - if I went across to them, I would have to do the shifts as rostered. So, an argument ensued... my hubby got very upset, hospital thought I was unreasonable in my request for a 40-50 hr week only, you can imagine!! Eventually, they came up with alternative to work night shifts, but my obs was not happy with that and neither was hubby so that was no go either....

    We tried the safe working hours thing, the pregnancy policies, obly to be told that they do NOT have to make special provisions for me, because I do not work around x-rays which apparently is the only exception!! Says me who was 'accidently' x-rayed whilst operating during my 13th week of pg.

    Oh well, eventually we sorted it but I am still working about 70-80 hrs weekly, but at least no really stupid shifts....

    Will finish work in 10 weeks though!

    As for career - well, I passed my exams, got invited for an interview with the College of Vascular SUrgery last week (hence a quick trip to Brissy), and amazingly was offered a specialist training place within 3 days!! Amazing!! What this now means, is that I have a future in surgery and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!!

    Now I just have to tell the college of surgeons that I am pregnant. I did not volunteer it at the interview, and well, if they did not notice..... It will be highly likely that they will make me defer for a year, but at least that will give me quality time with my baby!!

    Whoa.... sorry about the ginormous post - blimey and I did not even ask how you all are!!

    I really hope everyone is well and enjoying their pregnancies, especially all those carrying twins!! I will try and post again soon and catch up on some personals, but have to run again now!!

    Take care girls, and thanks for reading my love story!!

    Oh, and I also have to say that I have the most wonderful hubby!! He is treating me like a queen, especially since my belly popped. Makes me all emotional. (Sorry had to sing his praises!!)

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    Sal Guest

    Mel, love your website! Has the BFP sunk in yet? Have you told your and DH's family yet? It is just so wonderful to have you join us here! ...and you thought your eggs were old and grumpy!!!

    Gab, it's great to hear from you. We figured you were working horrendous hours. I guess because it's something you love you've been able to do those *unimaginable* hours til now. Woohoo for finally feeling munchy, for having popped, and for getting an offer for your surgery training. I hope your hours can stay manageable (..for you, you must be wonderwoman!)

    OK have hardly been on BB for the last few days, have been staying with my folks and my sister and family also, so am only just skimming the surface trying to keep up with all the posts.

    Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005

    Gabby - I've been wondering where you are and hoping that it was just your horrendous work hours keeping you away so I'm relieved to see that I was right! It's wonderful news about the job and you are so wise to see this time as an investment in your future. I hope in a few years you find yourself in the plum position you so richly deserve. I really think doctors more than earn their money as they sacrifice so much time, energy and funds of their own to build their careers. I'm sure you'll be an excellent surgeon too.

    Sal - Hope your weekend in Ballina was good! In answer to your question, I think it is starting to sink in. It's odd, but before I got the positive BT last week, I really thought this cycle had failed and the Crinone was just holding back my period. It wasn't until I lay down on my stomach on the floor and ... I could feel my uterus ... that I started thinking maybe, just maybe there had been a mistake with those damn peesticks.

    I've been very diligent since then ... making an effort to eat everything I should, rubbing my belly and talking to the tadpole, telling it to stick. So I guess, in spite of myself, I am already becoming emotionally attached to it. It is so hard not to. I know that that six week scan is crucial so it will be good to get past that milestone and see that everything is okay before I completely lose my heart.

    And yes, we have told my parents and Jeff was supposed to tell his Mum but he forgot! Can you believe it? Well, I guess if you knew Jeff ... =)

    Bless him though, he was so wonderful this week when Pusster died. He's been so gentle and supportive but he feels the loss so much too. It has almost been a healing experience for us after the emotional grind of infertility. Dear little Pusster - he brought people together in life and he's still doing it. Got to stop before I cry again.

    Talk to you all during the week.



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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Save me a spot ladies, I might be joining you tomorrow lunchtime (details in LT TTC thread)... see my "www".

    My god Gabby, I don't know how u do it, congrats on your job success.

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    tiggy Guest


    Good Luck, I'll keep everything crossed for you. Are you having a BT tomorrow?

    Gabby, Welcome back!!!! Like Shell, I don't know how you do it. Thank goodness DH is treating you well! How wonderful to feel little munchy kick!

    Sal, Tam, Jo, Amy, Cailin - how are you all?

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    tiggy Guest

    OMG, Sorry Mel - I really hope you are going well too, especially after such an enormous week and that your little tadpole is growing well.
    Love your website.

    Is Freemasons a nice hospital? I have heard alot of people talking about it...

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    The line is definately there Shell

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    thanks, yeah, but took bit more than 5mins tho, will c what tomorrow brings.. :-)

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    Sal Guest

    Hi girls!

    Shell, I hope you officialy join us tomorrow, how exciting! As Keen says, we are supposed to enter the pg ark in pairs. Have everything crossed for a great BT result tomorrow.

    Tiff, I'm doing fine, though there have been too many weeks pass since my NT scan and still too many weeks ahead to my morph scan, so I'm starting to let my imagination run wild about what may (or may not) be going on inside of me. Aug 22 just can't come soon enough, at least I can say it is 'this month' now rather than 'next month'.

    Oh, and you asked me about whether I'd started doing the hypnobirthing tapes. Well, I have started to listen to the relaxation/self-hyp track, am trying to do it daily. I love it, I feel just so relaxed. I have read most of the hyp book, but am getting stuck on the breathing exercises. Don't know if it's just me, but as soon as I either concentrate on my breathing or try to slow it down I seem to panic a bit and start hyperventilating. I am thinking that I will need to do either the classes or buy the hypbirth kit from o/s otherwise I don't think I'll get the right preparation.

    How are bean and sprout going?

    Mel, that is great that it's starting to feel 'real'. IKWYM re waiting for the six week mark before you give your heart totally to the tadpole, but it's hard not to get totally attached, and totally excited about the reality that in April you will be a mum! Oh, and yes, I'm an Aries (not that I'm biased.. 8-[ )

    How is everyone else going this fine and lovely morning?

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    Registered User

    Jan 2005
    Mooroolbark, VIC

    Mel - WOW and CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BFP!!!! I'm so happy for you!

    Gabby- No wonder you don't get much time to post. I think that you must be wonder woman...I bet you can't wait for the ten weeks to pass though! CONGRATS also on the specialist training position. By the way, IKWYM re: the hips - I've been having heaps of back pain - and pubic symphasis pain too!

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    tiggy Guest

    Hi Carrie!

    Lovely to see you posting in here! Haven't seen you around for ages!

    How is everything going? I can't believe you are 26 weeks already!!!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    WTG Shell

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Hi ladies,

    Gab - Nice to hear from you, sounds like you are a little busy atm! How is the hospital going to survive when bubs comes along? Ahhhh so thats why the slings were invented *laughs* Seriously, take care of yourself.

    Shell - Fingers crossed for you.

    Sal - There were three of us that came in here together last! Cailin, Amy and myself, so theta means there must be four new people due!!

    Mel - Hope you are well. I sent you an email the other night, I hope you got it, sometimes I forget a dot or something and people never get them. I had to resend an email three times to a girlfriend when I found out I was having twins ](*,) I kept doing something wrong.

    Tiff, Amy, Cailin, Tam - Hope you are all well.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005

    Hi Ladies,

    Jo - I didn't get the email unfortunately. Did you send it to my Yahoo address? I'll PM you another one (don't want to post it in here in case those naughty bots that go looking for addresses to spam are lurking!)

    Carrie - thanks for your good wishes and I cannot believe you are already 26 weeks. Where has that time gone? Bubs is nearly here!

    Shell - I've saved you a spot so I hope tomorrow's test brings you the answer you've been waiting for. Those dang peesticks! I could build a small house with the ones I've used (and make a footpath out the front from the OPKs too).

    Sal - One of the girls in the other threads was thinking about hypnobirthing. Glad to hear your preparations are going well. I understand about the breathing thing ... sounds a bit like when you are first learning to meditate. It is very difficult to still the mind and so much practice is required. It sounds as if you are making progress though so good luck with it.

    Tiff - Glad to see things are going well with you too. I thought about having the baby at Freemasons because that's where I've been for my day procedures and IVF treatment and I guess it is the familiarity thing. Also two work colleagues independently of each other gave rave reviews of their maternity unit so that kind of helped. =)

    Going to try to get an early night tonight and sleep through. I've had insomnia a bit lately. The acupuncturist gave me something to help (safe during pregnancy type flower essences) so I'm going in there, armed with an eye pillow and my dropper. Wish me luck.

    Talk to you all during the week.



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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Well, got an official positive (visible line by 5mins) 6pm last night & 4:50am this morning, using CC brand again. Once again, each test was darker than the last. Now the wait until lunchtime, but the nurse already phoned me & sounds positive.

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