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Thread: clexane during pregnancy

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    The homebirth meet is for all women seeking a 'normal' birth. I have only had hospital births (aside from Banjo) and so have some of the other women that attend. We don't just discuss homebirth.... Just a bunch of empowered women gathering to support each other

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    I wouldn't know about that WH - it sounds a bit confusing to me & I am not really understanding your post.

    Homebirth meetings are a really good way of exploring birth options and discussing birth and early mothering. I would not compare it to a nursing mothers meet if you were bottle feeding.

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    Default Prednisolone, clexane, aspirin


    I have never posted on any chat site before but I have looked often and found the advice to be quite helpful. I now have a pressing query but I can't find a direct answer to my question. I apologise if I haven't posted this query in the correct area.

    My history is as follows:-

    TTC ICSI May 06

    May 06 cycle 1 one embies BFN
    Oct 06 cycle 2 three embies, 2 chem preg
    Apr 07 cycle 3 three embies, BFP, blighted ovum wk 6 scan
    Nov 07 cycle 4 one embryo BFN
    Sept 08 cycle 5 two embies, two trf'd, chem preg
    Jan 09 cycle 6 two embies, one trf'd, BFN (took HCG - unable to determine chem preg), frozen embryo trf'd Ju 09, BFP, heartbeat at 7 week 5 day scan

    MTHFR gene, NK cells in uterus and blood. Am taking the following meds:-

    5mg folate
    40 mg clexane
    cartia - 100 mg aspirin
    20mg prednisolone

    Dr Sacks diagnosed me with the NK cells in April this year.

    I went back to my FS and now that I am pregnant, I feel that I am being treated as a normal patient but I know that I am not. I will be using an obstetrician (not a special IVF obstetrician) and have my first appointment with him next week when I am 9 weeks and 5 days. My FS and he has advised that normal protocol is to taper off the prednisolone from 12 weeks. Same with all the other meds I am taking (except the folate). I believe that I should be on these meds for alot longer - I prefer that.

    Does anyone have a similar story to mine? I want to find out how long other people have been on it because this NK cells things is not well known at all - my FS still doesn't believe that I am pregnant from the prednisolone - he is suggesting it could be any of the number of things that I am taking.

    Sorry for the long winded post.

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    Hi Abbyeness, congratulations on your pregnancy! Seems this pg has so much potential of course it is understandable that you are caucious about the meds you have been taking.

    I am not pregnant atm but I was diagonosed by Dr. Gavin Sack in June with high NK cells through b/t. So I am due to start the protocal in August. It happens I just got the protocal today so I feel its compelling to let you know although personally I haven't had any experience on this ...yet.

    The protocal states that start predinison from Day 1 of FSH and continue till 12 weeks pg, Clexane start after egg pick up and continue till 24 weeks. If I get pregnant this cycle (fingers crossed), I'd like Dr Sack continue to be my OB, so I completely understand your concern. Is it possible to book an appt with Dr S and seek his advice? I hope whatever you do will give you peace of mind for the rest of your pregnancy!

    cuddlepie x

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    Thanks Cuddlepie. I cross my fingers for you in August but the fact that they found NK cells in your blood should mean that this immune suppressive therapy should improve your chances. I didn't expect the result that I did when I started taking the prednisolone but it happened very quickly, its still hard to believe.

    Yes, I might just give Dr S a call and touch base with him. I met up with the obstetrician last week and told him about my situation and he was happy with how things were progressing - but I will confirm with Dr S.

    Another thing I might add is that I am not sure if prednisolone has the same side effects on people but I was anxious in taking it at first. However I found that I felt alot better in terms of energy and some of my other medical conditions improved. The only thing is that I caught a cold the other week and it seemed to prolong a little longer than it should. I was a little worried as I wasn't sure how I was going to be. I am all good now. I guess best thing is just to avoid people with colds and flus (as people are doing anyway)

    Good luck and best wishes


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    Thanks Abbeyness for sharing your experience, its jut so beneficial to know. I am a bit anxious about taking Pred. due to its side effect but there is basically no choice but to give it a try ...glad to hear that you don't have much nasty side effect but more energy, I guess just need to keep those virus/flu at bay then you will be right.

    Can I ask if this was your first try after taking prednisolone then got pregnant? Did you start on the 1st day of FSH? Knowing the success story just gave me lot of hope that this could work.

    Thanks hun...cuddlepie x

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    Hi Cuddlepie

    Yes, this is the first time I had tried prednisolone. This was actually from a frozen embryo. I started taking it a few days before my period and then did a frozen cycle as normal. This is the furthest pregnancy that I have had but I am still anxious about the pregnancy (I am 11 weeks 3 days now - and am slowly accepting that this pregnancy might work). I have just had too many bad results and I honestly think that the prednisolone worked for me as I was constantly having chemical pregnancies.

    I hope prednisolone provides success for you as well.


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    I have so much confidence and hope for you Abbeyness that this one will go all the way. Sending you lots of :stickyvibes: and strength hun...

    cuddlepie xx

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