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    YAY! i finally made it to the second trimester. i am now 14 weeks. just wondering if anyone else got period type cramps (not painful) around 14 weeks and if it is normal. i had period cramps from when i found out i was pregnant until about week 8, now they seem to be back again. whats up with that?

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Welcome to 2nd trimester!!

    Cramps are totally normal, some woman get them more than others.. i am one of those woman.. I accually went to the ER a week ago coz i was worried about my cramps, and the midwife told me that for some reason woman get worser cramps than others..

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    thanks for your reply. i guess these cramps are just a symptom of pregnancy for some of us. i guess it will pay to keep my eye on them though. i guess another symptom of pregnancy is 'paranoia'!!
    thanks again.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Yes its so easy to be worried about every ache and pain..

    This is my 2nd pregnacny and i find im more paranoid with this pregnancy than my 1st !! LOL..

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    Tessa Guest


    hello hollo, im tessa the cramps could also be streaching in your uterus, to make room for the baby i got this around my 16th week

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    angelique Guest


    Hi Tessa,

    Congratulations!! It feels great doesn't it!!

    I got cramps for ages, up until the 18th or 19th week. After that (or before depending) you will get the ligament stretching which can be mistaken for cramps. Those ones are quite painful and can force you to lie down for ages.

    Just try no to strain yourself. Those muscles are very tender at the moment and need extra care.


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    I had the more so stretchy pinching nerve sensation cramps not period like cramps. They were so painful at 13-14 weeks, and have had them since, just considerably milder thank god, but still hurt ouch!!!!

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