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Thread: Baby in training for the olympics.

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    Default Baby in training for the olympics.

    Hi all,

    Ive now made it to 24 weeks and am well and truly feelimg our little boy move.
    This baby seems to be really energetic, Im sure he is training for the olympics.
    He moves at no specific time , doesnt matter if im moving around or sitting down. He likes to react to his sister and brothers voice and gives me a good boot when Daddy comes home from work.

    My other two babies moved alot as well but this one is taking the cake.

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    You are so lucky. I'd love that. I'm just behind you and I mostly only feel movement when I'm still - like on the couch, in bed, driving the car. Sometimes I feel movement whilst working, but some days I go all day without feeling anything til I get home. Yesterday I spent the day sitting down all day doing nothing (my DF was hungover and we were away from home) and I did actually feel movement pretty much all day long (with hour long breaks in between) and I just loved it. Wish I could sit around more so I could get that feeling every day.

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