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    Hi girls,

    well im just wondering as to why the ob keeps having to point out that bubs is in a breech position?. I was first told this when i went for the 28 week check up and told againn by another ob at the 30 week check up. Is this a tell tale sign, that im up for a breech birth? The ob even pressed on my stomach real hard, and said she could feel the baby's head at the opposite position. Do they expect that bubs should already be in a engaged downward position? Although they did add, not to "worry" as ive still got a while yet. But then again, why point it out, like its something. this is my third pregnancy.


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    Babies flip head down at all stages and times, I did when I was 8 days post dates, born the next day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterflyz2 View Post
    Hi girls,

    well im just wondering as to why the ob keeps having to point out that bubs is in a breech position?.
    Because they like to find things to worry themselves about so that they still have a job

    Sorry feeling a bit cynical today!

    Being your 3rd baby I wouldn't worry about it all, plenty of time yet. Subsequent babies often move around until very late in pregnancy, stretchy uterus gives them room to flip around for longer.
    My second didn't go head down until 34 weeks and that's not at all uncommon Try not to take it on board.

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    Thanks ladies for the replies

    i guess its a wait and see thing then. Next week got the 32 week check up, so hopefully it will be a different story. I must admit, bubs here is quite active, and has been doing alot more than just kicking and punching lol. I think hes' been trying to turn, but cant? I feel like something is rolling and sliding in my stomach often.

    I guess time will tell.


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    I'm at 38 weeks and 5 days and have a breech positioning, bubs has moved a little clockwise since yesterday's check up - had positioning ultrasound today and going for ECV - where they try to turn the baby tomorrow.
    Not too many doctors or obs are skilled in breech VB these days - they tend to go for the c-section.
    If they tell you bubs is breech at your next appointment - ask about your options. You don't want to be bombarded as I was at 38w4d with 3 or 4 times in 5 minutes being told that you might have to have a c-section in less than a week's time. At least you'll have time to prepare for the options if your Ob isn't on that wants to try a breech VB.

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