thread: Bumping belly

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    Nov 2008


    It would appear we're not alone girls!!! I spoke to the 'Rethink Drink' office and they have received many complaints about this ad and an appeal is in process to have it taken off the air!! We have to act quickly though if we want to have our say and hopefully get it banned.

    There is info about how to complain on the 'adstandards' website (just that plus . com . au)

    To make a complaint, which I'm about to do, email: complaint @ adstandards . com . au

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    Aug 2006
    Perth WA

    Count me in for getting rid of the ad.

    I went out for dinner with the girls recently and I felt really uncomfortable afterwards in a quiet beer garden worried about a drunk bumping into me. I felt it would be safer for us to just stay at home. I dont remember ever being like that the 1st time