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    I am 22wks pregnant and before I got pregnant I used my bike as my main form of transport (even riding to our fs appts!).

    I am still riding a bit but definitely avoid busy roads and get off and walk up hills and through busy intersections. I have also put my handlebars up and am now riding my old mtb with fat tyres instead of my road bike.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experience riding with a belly and how long they kept it up for.

    I find riding to be quite relaxing and a great way to get to the pool and shops ... I probably don't go any further than 5kms at a time.



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    Hi there,
    Sorry I don't know much about cycling when pregnant but i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do it at all. I could be wrong, check with your Dr but i'm sure it's one of the forms of excercise they say not to do.

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    Generally as a rule of thumb during pregnancy you can do whatever exercise you were doing prior to falling pregnant within reason. So if you had never ridden a bike in your life & were all of a sudden doing 5km then it'd be a problem. Seeing as you're a regular rider it should be ok to a point. Once you start to get bigger though your centre of gravity changes which will make you more susceptible to tipping your bike over & hurting yourself. You might be the best bike rider ever, but your balance is affected in pregnancy. I guess take it the same way as all things in pregnancy, be careful & know your limits.

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    I still rode mine while pg, but just took it easy & on quiet roads, as you are doing. I can't remember when I stopped, sometime in 3rd tri I think. I just didn't want to any more. I think just listen to your body & you'll know.

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    hi lillipilli

    my SIL rode up until about 7 1/2 months. she found it easier than walking to work, less pressure, and she didn't have to go on any roads. like you she rode before she was pg so it was fairly normal for her. i have other friends who rode until the end of their second trimester when it all started getting a little too uncomfortable (but then again so was doing most things for them).

    most of them had bikes that were easy to get on and off and weren't large road bikes.

    hope you have a H&H pg


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    Hi there
    I am 15 weeks and still riding to work. Iasked the Ob if it was ok and she said it was totally fine - doesn't place any extra pressure on the cervix. I can tell a few people at work do not approve, but I am getting out there and excersing and being careful. I'll probably stop when I get too big but for now I feel fine.

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    Sorry no personal experience but i saw a preggers lady riding recently, and she was showing enough to be obviously pregnant.
    I just turned to dh and told him how impressed I was 'cause I wouldn't even be fit enough to rid 100 meters let alone while preggo.

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    Hi Lillypilli,

    I am 24 weeks and still use my bike as my primary form of transport. This includes about ~15km per day to and from work during the week. My friend is 7 months and still riding a similar distance. Another friend stopped riding at 4 months because she felt that her balance was not as good as it was before she was pregnant. All of us were regular commuter-cyclists before we got pregnant.

    cheers, A

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    paradise lost Guest


    I cycled when PG and found that during the third tri the pubic separation told me when it was time to stop. My pelvis didn't "like" cycling anymore. Listen to your body and take it easy and you should be fine.


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    Wot abt a stationary bike? Can I use this but go slow?

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