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Thread: Dizzy when laying down?????

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    Good... So pleased you got a second opinion... Put those feet up and let shel take care of you for a few days.
    And no lying flat on your back...if you need to lie flat prop a pillow under your right hip, otherwise lie on your left side with a pillow between your knees and under your bump.(yes mum :P)

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    i was relieved to read that you got some proper advice from the hospital leasha, I saw your post and remembered that I had exactly the same thing happen to me during my short lived pregnancy.
    I woke up during the night busting for a wee, but my head was so heavy I couldnt lift it off the pillow! when I finally managed to get it up I just about passed out, but really needing to wee, so crawled out of bed and down the hallway to the toilet with head spinning wildly, the only way I could describe it to people was like I was drunk!
    I had assumed it was low blood pressure, but no one was ever able to give me a definate answer, so i am so happy to know that it was abit normal!

    maxolon is prescribed in some cases during pregnancy for morning sickness, stemetil is closely related but works more for vertigo, dizziness etc.

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