I am the bearded lady also, but that's due to PCOS, not pregnancy

Occaisionally I get my arms waxed, usually just legs and bikini line though. I did wax my chin and upper lip but now I'm doing Variable Pulsed Light treatment (like Intense Pulsed Light but can be adapted to your skin tone) and it's AMAZING. The hair is actually going away for the first time since forever. It's not a big deal, I know, but it's really affected my self esteem and now I can see it going, I'm feeling much better about the whole thing.
I would love to try IPL (permanent hair removal) but it's not safe while pregnant. Bugger.

I get all my usual bits waxed (eyebrows, lip, bikini, etc) but I'll leave the beard for a bit longer. Hopefully it will hit the catwalks of Paris this season and I'll be able to hang onto it forever!