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Thread: Fish Questions?

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    Just want to know a bit about eating fish while pg. My DH thinks I should be having some for the iron but I was never a big fish eater anyway.

    My questions is - what type of fish can you have and how should it be cooked etc?

    Any help will be great!

    Floss xx

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    Hey Floss, Check out THIS has a fair bit of info, plus a link to some more info

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    Hey Floss,

    I was really nervous about fish with my first pg - but they say that you should just steer clear of eating too much of the fish with high mercury levels - basically bigger fish higher up the food chain!

    I love salmon so tended to eat that once a week - just a fillet and cooked through. beautiful with a mango, cucumber, avocado, red onion salsa with balsamic vinegar on top! The other good way to get the omega 3 etc is tins of tuna or salmon with salad for lunch - the flavoured ones you can get now are great!


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