: How did you feel about the gender of your baby?

  • I was very happy to have either gender

    156 72.56%
  • I had/am having a girl but would have liked a boy

    12 5.58%
  • I had/am having a boy but would have liked a girl

    22 10.23%
  • I had/am having a girl but I really want a boy

    6 2.79%
  • I had/am having a boy but I really want a girl

    15 6.98%
  • I am unhappy with the gender of my baby

    4 1.86%
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thread: Gender Disappointment?

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    poodleowner Guest

    great topic!
    When I found out I was pregnant my partner and I were both really hoping it was a girl, but I new in my heart I was having a boy, we also couldn't agree on any girls names but agreed on a boys name straight away. At my 13week ultrasound we had it confirmed we were definately having a boy.
    I was a little dissapointed at first but we were both just happy to end up with a gorgeous healthy baby.
    We are starting to try for another one so fingers crossed it's a girl, if not I don't think we will be dissapointed this time as we both love Christian so much.

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    Registered User

    May 2004

    Well we found out today it's a GIRL!! We were a little disappionted (Wato a big bit), but I am happy that she looked healthy, and see many upsides to Emily having a little sister.


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    Registered User

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Congrat's Tanya on your little girl. Looks like I started of the girls.

    Take care

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    Registered User

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    I'd have a dozen daughters if I still had time on my side !

    Before finding out what we were having, I'd picked out a boy and girls name that I both really liked (we didnt end up agreeing on her name until the day she was born) and when we found out we were having a girl, I almost felt a loss that it wasn't a boy, cos I'd half named him/it already.

    I wanted to have a boy so Nick would have a little buddy to take to the tip and fishing.

    But the bottom line is always the same, as long as they're healthy, it doesn't matter.


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    Ms Lee Guest

    I have always wanted a little girl and tried really hard to conceive at right time for her. I will never know if that method worked or not but when we found out she was a girl, I couldn't believe my luck.

    But after reading about all the things that can go wrong in pregnancy when I was pregnant, the problems children can be born with and the couples that try so desperately hard to conceive without any luck, I remember on the day she was born only being elated that she was healthy and that was all that was important.

    They are all pains in the butts anyway, no matter what sex they are! :smt016

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    Mar 2004

    I am so tired of people asking me if we would like a boy or a girl this time around, and then when I answer truthfully that we would like a girl they say 'Oh but don't get your hopes up' or 'all that matters is if the baby is healthy', as if it is somehow wrong to have a preference. Of course we don't mind if the baby is a boy, we just think it would be nice to have a girl. I mean, why ask the question??


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    With my first I wanted a girl and Arron wanted a boy. I had a feeling that I was having a girl and I was right. Arron forgot all about wanting a son when he held her and looked into her tiny face.

    Preg with no.2 I wanted a boy and so did Arron. I really thought it was a boy and it was. Arron yelled in the delivery "It's got balls!" Lovely hey! We couldn't htink of a girls name before we had him. I cried a little when I put away the dresses but I was very happy to have one of each.

    By no.3 I wanted a girl and Arron wanted a boy. I had a sister and wanted Jordan to as well, Arron had a brother and wanted Josh to. I knew it was a girl, and it was.

    I always thought I'd have two of each sex, then I went to a psychic and a palmist who both told me I would have a boy as my 4th child. I feel it clouded my intuition. I really thought no. 4 was a boy, I had his name all ready, had trouble with a girls name, and was convinced. Then Jessica was born. I LOVE her with all my heart! I did want a boy, I feel sad that Josh didn't get his brother, I was looking forward to getting out the boys things again, but we have a gorgeous little girl who I wouldn't swap for all the boys in the world.

    I still sort of wish I had a boy (but not that I don't want Jessica), Jemma and her are going to be so claose as there is only 19 months between them so it's probably best for the 2 of them. And I have 3 girls to take shopping, to do their hair, to argue with and 3 premenstral girls to look forward to! LOL I also have 1 son to look after me, who told me tonight that I am his best mother, and I love him just as much as I love the girls.

    Cheers Michelle

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    awww at being his best mother michelle. Does he have more that he sees LMAO.

    Love :hbeat:

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Makes you wonder doesn't it Kathryn. He has told me before that he had another mother and another father once upon a time, and he was very young then, so the imagination hadn't kicked in. he used to tell me all sorts of things about when he was big before ( almost like a twilight zone episode). So maybe he did have another mother. Once he even said he used to be my father.

    Reincarnation believers would say he is remembering past lives, kids are supposed to do it up until about 5 but strangely now he says less and less about "Being big before" He turned 5 in July just gone.

    I wish I could have got some specifics then I may have been able to look into his stories.

    Oh well if I am his best mother I am happy with that.

    Cheers michelle

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    May 2004
    Busselton , WA

    Hi Everyone,

    This is, always has been and always will be, the biggest 'issue' associated with a couples second pregnancy.
    For as long as I can remember a pregnant lady, who, say for instance, already had a boy, was always asked, "so is it a girl this time?" or "I bet you're hoping for a girl"
    I just want to share a personal experience with you all, that for me has changed my 'pigeon pair' opinions.
    Last year, one of my best friends lost her darling little girl in a tragic accident. I know at least one lady on this site knows this person too, and I'm in no way 'bagging' my friend.
    My friend already had a little boy, so the birth of her little girl completed their 'perfect family' She would always tell me that I needed to have a boy next to be the perfect family too. As my fiance and I had already discussed the possibility that we could have another girl, and are both ok with that, it was like water off a ducks back. BUT I know her comments did have an effect on some women we know. I cant remember who said it, but having people say stuff like that really does make some people feel the 'Pigeon Pair Pressure'
    Then tragedy struck and the perfect family was torn apart. I guess what I'm trying to say is, please dont feel that PPP!!!! Please dont feel like you have to have one of each to feel complete. I'm a firm believer in 'you get what you are given.' If you have two boys then those two boys are the two boys that YOU were chosen to have. And vice versa for two girls. Dr Phil did a big show on it once and my god that man makes sense.
    I have a little girl already and it makes me soooo mad when people say that I NEED to have a boy next. I asked my fiance what he wanted next, a boy or a girl? He told me he wanted a baby, and that either way it would complete us as it will be our last.
    The next time someone says this to me I'm going to say something. I cant stand people taking their families for granted. Maybe it takes losing a child for people to realise tha true preciousness of one.

    Love Kel

    Sorry if I come across as harsh but I just get very upset at peoples attitudes sometimes. I lost that little girl too so I know how quickly life can be taken from us and she may not have been my daughter but there isnt a day that goes by where I dont get all emotional over losing her.

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    Aug 2004

    I understand what you are saying as well Kel. But for some people I dont think it is a matter of taking their family they have for granted. Like for me and DH, sure we have said many times we would love this baby to be a boy, & we are still saying that, but I dont think that is wrong because it doesnt mean that we wont be ecstatic to be having a girl as well. I think with most couples it is just a thought rather than actually saying, no i dont want a girl or no i dont want a boy.

    I do agree with you in that it is wrong of people to think that you have to have a boy and a girl to be complete, that is crazy, a family is a family no matter what dangly bits it has!

    Oh, and sorry about your friend's child, it is always sad to hear of a child dying, just seems so unfair.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I think it's funny that if you do have the Pigeon pair, as we did, people then say "Well, you don't need to have anymore now, you have your girl and boy!" WHat the... I always wanted 4 kids and regardless of what sex, I was going to have 4 kids. Admittedly if I'd had 3 of 1 sex in a row, I think I would have been wanting the opposite, but to get one of each wasn't a completed family for us. I am so glasd that I get to experience a son and a daughter (well 3 to be exact), but if it wasn't to be then I would have been happy too.

    A friend of mine had her pigeon pair and decidedthat she was finished, gave away all her stuff, and now 6 yrs on, looks back and realises that she would have liked another, but she was so caught up at the time with the perfect family that she pushed it aside and now she doesn't want that many yrs between kids so she isn't having any more.

    I am also sorry for the loss of your friends DS, it is a tragic loss!
    Cheers Michelle

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    Registered User

    May 2004
    Busselton , WA

    Hi ladies,

    i totally know where you are coming from when you all said that although you didnt care of the sex, you would have liked a particular one.
    I understand that as it really is human nature. I just think its so silly that people let other peoples comments upset them. I'm a pretty strong person so comments on the perfect family really fall on my deaf ears. It just infuriates me when other people upset some women with all the pressure to have one of each. I almost feel like asking them if they had a boy after already having a boy, would they love him any less???? Of course they would'nt as thats human nature too but it would help prove my point!!! I have the perfect family already, a gorgeous, healthy 3y/o daughter and a spunky, loveable fiance who absolutely adores me, who I will marry in exactly 358 days!!!! Any more precious bundles of joy will only be an added bonus to me!!!!!!
    Take care everyone
    Love Kel

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    Feb 2003
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Australia

    I have to admit guys, I was one who said I was looking forward to having two girls, but found out I was having a boy. I was down about it a little, but I gotta tell you, at the birth, that strong motherly instinct kicked in really quick, and I would have killed for this little gorgeous baby boy! I am sooooo glad I had a boy and I never imagined all the love I now have with both a boy and a girl. It was a wonderful surprise. Next time I don't care what sex the baby is - I would even be happy not to find out the sex because both genders are just as beautiful as the other
    Kelly xx

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I hear ya Kelly!

    I was happy to have either sex for my 4th but I guess I had always thiought I'd have 2 of each (boys n girls that is).

    I felt it was a boy and we thought we saw boy bits and Jessica was a girl of course.

    I love her just as much as I would have if she was a boy and although I felt a little bit disappointed at first, wouldn't have it ant other way. Now I have to girls within 18mths of each other to be terrific friends for their whole lives
    Cheers Michelle

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    Registered User

    Nov 2003

    i know i posted before, but now i know were havign a girl im realy happy, and if for some reason they got it wrong (got a boys name too just incase ) id still be pretty happy

    take care

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    I always wanted three little girls. Then I met DP, and he badly wanted a boy and made no attempt to hide this fact!!. It actually got to the point I had to tell him to back off a bit, as I was really starting to feel the pressure of providing a boy.
    By the time I got PG I was so happy I did'nt care either way.
    Mitchell was born last June and we were ALL so happy!! DP and I both have 1 girl each already. A couple of days after he was born I felt a great sense of relief to have one of each, I actually felt like I could rest!! I just know some fool (most likely BIL) would have made some stoopid comment about trying again for a boy.
    Now PG again, I think I want a girl this time, but I'm too afraid to say it out loud. My daughter is now 12 and she has been such a pleasure (not a textbook child - which is probably what I love about her most !!) I would love to have that mum/daughter thing again. OOOhhh those tiny pink dresses!!!

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    Add Rouge on Facebook

    Jun 2003

    I think its perfectly natural and completely OK to want a specific sex I would dearly love a boy next, but like everyone else I would be quite happy to have a girl for many reasons, btdt have plenty of girls clothes etc etc. For me its a personal thing, Marc is a fantastic father and I know he wasn't as lucky as a kid with his dad iykwim I know he would love to be able to break that cycle with a son and I would love to see that too iykwim. I would also like to experience the difference between boys and girls as nearly all of my friends who have both say there is a difference. Does that mean I will love my child any less if I end up having a baby girl NO WAY! I will be happy regardless, and who knows if I end up having a girl my chances of swaying Marc into baby #3 are higher LOL! I don't feel any pressure to have a pigeon pair as at the end of the day you don't really get to choose LOL! So there won't be any dissapointment afterwards for us With Paris I really wanted a boy for the reasons I mentioned above, but when I saw I was having a girl I was ecstatic. So in all fairness I would be ecstatic if we had a boy, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be equally so if we have a girl. To be pregnant at all is a blessing in my mind!


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