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    Can Heartburn make you throw up???

    This has happended 3 times now.

    Last night I had a fairly big dinner not the usual size dinner I would have then about 1/2 hour later we had some chocolate cake with fresh cream. Then I started to get heartburn and indigestion then about an hour later I brought all my dinner up. I threw up again during the night and did not sleep well and this morning I still feel very sick.:eek:

    Could it be the heartburn making me throw up or the fact I am eating too much. Its only happened after I have had big meals.

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    hi alley

    not to sure if its heartburn, but i have been suffering heartburn, the horrible burning, and reflux, it feels like i have swalled a tennis ball.

    i have thrown up after big meals, i put it down to either heartburn or reflux, unfortunatle for me i have also started first thing of the morning, throwing up again, only cause i wake up with such discomfort with my reflux/heartburn.

    hoping it settles down for you soon.

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    It is more likely the size of the meal that is making you throw up. Your tummy has less room to store food no that your baby is getting bigger. If you overfill your tummy there is only one way it can quickly get rid of the food.
    Also to help prevent heartburn try eating small meals often.

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    Yep smaller meals is best. Mylanta has helped me with my reflux too.

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    I can't handle large meals any more either. I haven't thrown up, but have started to consciously eat smaller portions more often (helps to have good snacks in). The richness of the chocolate cake probably didn't help either.

    My indigestion standby is a glass of milk and a TUMS (nice orange flavour). Works like magic.

    I know it's boring - can't drink, can't eat, can't run up the stairs - but it will all be worth it in a few months, honest!


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    Hi - i had almost 5 months of severe m/s and just when i began to feel like i was getting over that hill the reflux began and yes i would throw up with that too. I found smaller meals more often throughout the day definately helped. i avoided starchy foods like potatoes, rice, pasta... i kept packets of Rennie, Quickeeze and mylanta by my bed, in handbag..and ate those like lollies! Good luck with it and remember that it is worth it in the end!!!!!!!!!!!

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