thread: Huuuuge!

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    Jul 2008

    Oh please!
    You are gorgeous! I would KILL for your belly!!!
    Omg - I just wanna rub it...
    It's PERFECT!
    You were tiny to begin with, you look all baby.

    Well, if that's supposedly fullterm and twins - sign me up!!!

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    Aug 2006
    Perth WA

    awww thanks Bec I feel better now. Alot of my family are saying I am all belly (and boobs) this time. I have put on 8kg so far which the mw said was normal. My mum said she got really fat carrying us girls and was all belly with the boys so maybe it is a boy this time?

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    Jan 2007

    Netty, your belly rocks!!

    I reckon you must be pregnant.........

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    Feb 2009

    I have come to the conclusion that the general public are idiots. Do they know how big a baby is? What sized belly do they want one to fit into? If you have full term twins in that belly, Netty, then they are some tiny babies!!

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    Apr 2009
    Mornington Peninsula

    Even people who have had kids forget just how big they were when they were pregnant. I remember being quite large with my first, and I still say "WOW!" when I see pictures. It's not that anybody here is really all that huge, it's just that those who aren't pregnant can't remember ever being that big so the size surprises them.

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    Jan 2007

    Yeah, janet, you could be right too.

    I kept being told by people my ankles were enormous - oh, pish posh.

    Now I see photos and freak out. I had elephant ankles. What was I thinking?

    So, you're own perceptions are a little altered some times. I still think calling anyone "fatty" is really crossing the line though. If it's a nice comment - than great. But if it's derogatory, they can go jump.

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    Mar 2006

    Hey hon - just dropping in to give you and the following come back (which is very juvenile!).

    "Yes, but in X months, I'm going to lose all this weight - what are you doing about your face?"

    Reveal in your beauty hon - because you ARE gorgeous! Send me a pick of your wonderful belly!

    Love MG