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Thread: I Have Reached Half Way!!!!

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    Default I Have Reached Half Way!!!!

    I havent posted for a while but i just wanted to share my joy, i have reached half way mark 20 weeks.
    Baby is moving loads already and DH can even feel it from the outside now. We are filled with so much content as we were ttc for so many years and we were lucky enough for the ivf to work first time for us.

    So i had an antenatal yesterday and baby's heart rate was 150bpm, so im wondering girl???????? here in the uk they dont tell you the gender unless you go pay the earth for a private sexing scan. I have seen these intelligender urine test that detect the gender of the baby, but im not sure whether they are a waste of money?

    anyways that all for now, would love some feedback on the gender thing hehehhe


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    i am having a girl and the heart beat has always been around 150. that would suck not finding out unless u pay for a seperate scan. its not lik eit takes much longer for them to look at the babies bits while they r doing all the other meassurements and pics they need.

    congrats on the half way mark i was so excited whn i got there. for some reason i cant wait till 30 weeks i have no idea y but 30 weeks keeps poppin up in my head.

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    Congratulations on getting to half way, I hope the rest of your pg goes really well and before long your cuddling your precious bub.
    One of the things that some of the BB people have been talking about is "the ring test", it is more for fun and probably shouldn't be taken too seriously, have you heard of it? The other thing is the Chinese gender predictor, I,m not sure how accurate it is with IVF , lot of people say it's good.
    Best wishes

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! Thats so exciting...

    I'm going to investigate that urine test thing now
    We only have 2 weeks to wait but I'm really struggling..
    If you find them or have any more info I'd LOVE to know more

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    Congrats on reaching half way, I'm counting down for then as well!!! Hopefully I will be able to feel the baby move then, cos I sure can't now!! (must be too much fat blocking the way.. haha) I'm not sure what sex this one is, but my DS had a heart rate of about 140bpm if that helps - this one is 150 so lots of people are telling me "girl". Plus the ring test says girl. But I'm still thinking boy.. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.. :-)

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    Congratulations! Half way.
    Wow. I'm dying to find out the sex. Lol.
    At my 13wk scan the heart rate was 180bpm, but we didn't have a scan like that for DS, so I can't compare. Although his heartrate at 20wks was like 130 or so.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


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    Congrats on reaching halfway! We are not finding out the gender but at our 18 week scan bubs heartbeat was 143. I've had a lot of ppl tell me they think I'm having a girl.

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    I hit halfway next week and can't wait to have my 20 wk scan so I can see the little bubba again. Having gone through IVF I have had quite a few scans but nothing since 11 weeks so it will be interesting to see how more "human" it looks now. I think I felt the bubba move for the first time last night which was very exciting!

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    Congratulations Georgette,

    I've reached half way today as well, next week I have my scan and will hopefully find out what I am having!

    Hope that the rest of your pregnancy is lovely and smooth for you!

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    Congrats on reaching half way! It's a great feeling isn't it?

    We have found out that we are having a little girl. At our 12 week scan her heartbeat was 167bpm and at the 19 week scan it was 169bpm.

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