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    I seem to have been bitten by something, i'm guessing a mossie as we have quite a few outside our house at the moment, but the bite seems to have gone like little tiny blisters - which i have got from plants i'm allergic to before pg. They have swelled up and gone quite red and really itchy. I saw the first one on my hand, then my neck and the last on my belly.

    Has anyone else had these crazy reactions to insect bites before?

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    Are you sure tey are insect bites? I don't want to alarm you, but it may be a rash connected to something else??? Do you have any other symptoms- cold, feeling ill, fever, tummy ache etc If you do, get it checked!
    Hope all is okay!

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    everytime I get bitten by a mozzie I always come up with a 'hive' type of spot your body may just be more sensitive to the mozzies while you are pregnant, if you are at all worried though get yourself checked out.

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    I did go and get it checked out. Apparently, i'm getting more sensitive to everything - not just emotionally like i thought - i cried at the bank yesterday!! it is wierd though, he said i might have only got one bite somewhere, but my body then overeacts with hives in all sorts of places. Best get the mozzie zapper for this summer then cause i dont know that calamine is going to cut it for long!

    thanks again for your thoughts and concern.

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