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    hey girls

    iv got a question it mat sound silly cos this is my second pregnancy
    but i just wanna know if this is wat i think it is iv been getting little pokes in my belly could this be my baby and if so can i feel them all around my belly one min its on one side next it will be on the other the next it will be higher like towards my ribs and then the next down towards my grond
    and how many movements should i be feeling at this stage im 17 weeks i hope some one can help me thank you for your replys

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    Hi baiza

    Yes I would say that it's your baby moving. As to how mant movements you should feel, well thats a herd question to answer. Babies, like us, need sleep. Some days your baby may be very active and other days he/she may be sleeping. From a medical point of view we say that you should feel an average of 10 movements a day over a few days. But as I have said this is on average, and I have yet to see an average baby.

    I hope this answers your question.

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