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Thread: normal weight gain in 2nd Tri?

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    i've been abit worried, cos i'm hardly gaining anything at all... i was 52kg pre-PG, then i lost 1kg in the 1st trim, and now at 19 weeks am only 53kg! so i've lost 1kg then gained 2kg, which is a net gain of 1kg at 19weeks???

    baby is normal size on u/s, so that's a relief, but i'm losing weight myself.. and i'm already eating more and without watching fat contents..

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    I have only gained 1.2kgs and I am 20 weeks. (I have a big bump though) Baby is normal size and growing well so I'm not worried, we all put on and carry weight differently. Although I was very surprised when I weighed myself!!

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    Kirsten and jbie, I'm so jealous! I've put on about 5lb, which is about 3kg. I know that's not bad, and my weight usually fluxuates, and it was at my lower limit when I did get pg, but it's still disheartening! But I did pig out last night so I'm going to blame that LOL. (62kg to 65kg)

    I think the baby is more important than the weight we gain, and I know Liebling is fine, healthy and growing well - even has a fatter-than-normal waist for this time-point. So our weight really isn't important.

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