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    Lisi Guest

    Red face Nuchal Scan

    Hi Everyone,

    had my NT scan done yesteday 8/5/07 all is o.k. baby doing fine & is 71mm long, I'm 13wks pg today. We made it passed the 12wks yahoo!!!!. Feeling alot better now the nausea has gone for now second month was horrible.


    Lisi !!!!

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    congratulations - good to hear all went well at your scan and that you are feeling better. I know I started to feel a lot better around 13-14 weeks (energy wise and less nausea) though I must admit I am starting to get more achey and tired now (I am in denial about that though). Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

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    ej_1974 Guest


    congrats! its such a nice relief to hear that all is good isn't it?!
    Enjoy the rest of your pg (even the bits where its hard to sleep at times) as its all over so quickly!

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    That is such great news

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    shed44 Guest



    thats great its all going well! i went for my test results last night but they don't have the downs part back yet but they said that i need another ultrasound to recheck the placenta as it showed blood vessels or fluid at the end of it. sorry bad description but i wonder if anyone else had to have a recheck of their 12/13 week ultrasound placenta?

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