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Thread: Pain in groin- is this ligament pain??

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    Default Pain in groin- is this ligament pain??

    Hi guys, id appreciate any advice! I have been having pains in my lower abdo esp left side groin. It is worse during the night when i havent been to the toilet, for oh like 2 hours!! Its really painful and is hard to get up and hard to re position myself back into bed. Im pretty sure its not a urine infection but not sure of its pain from my bladder of its ligament pain or what. Any ideas???
    Thanks, Mel

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    I get ligament pain a little lower down than that i think, also ligament pain usually occurs when you move, rather than when you're just lying there. i do sometimes get a sharp pain in the area you describe, which also makes it painful to move around. I've found it's generally either wind (charming!) or baby sticking into something sensitive. Applying gentle pressure can get bubs to move and relieves pain (until he moves back there...).
    Good luck!

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