thread: Remedy for cold and sore throat...

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    Dec 2004

    Question Remedy for cold and sore throat...

    I woke with a snuffly/runny nose and an ouchy sore throat this morning

    I normally would pump myself full of vitamin C tablets when not pregnant but I think that is a no no in pregnancy...

    I know I can gargle with salt water for my throat. Any other ideas?


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    Oct 2008
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    That is a not fun part of pregnancy. A similar thing happened to me last week. Normally I would reach for the cold and flu tablets but since I was unable to I stayed home from work instead and slept. It helped a lot.

    In the abscence of that, I had advice to drink lots of water, eat lots of veggies, and rest.

    Hope it helps.

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    Jan 2006
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    Aww you poor thing.. sux being sick and pregnant. I was sick throughout my DS's pregnancy.

    Youre allowed to have Lemsip as it only contains paracetemal.. lemon and honey with warm water is nice. And you can also have some Strepsils. Ask the chemist.. but all the ones that dont say "cough" lozenger are fine. If your nose is effected you can also get some nastel spray. Again ask the chemist.

    Hope youre feeling better soon

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    Dec 2004

    Thanks for the suggestions ladies I will try some of those out. I thought I could fight it but nope, it has turend into a full on cold No coughing yet though so *touch wood* that doesn't happen. My nose was driving me nuts during the night though.

    Ah well, I'll get past it LOL. As long as I don't develop any temps I am happy.

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    Oct 2007
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    vapouriser.... works well for stuffy noses. Sore throat... Honey tea.

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    Oct 2006

    I was going to ask if you have a vaporiser as well They are good. Even those ones on a stick that you can smell when your nose is outrageously stuffy.
    I found taking a panadol did help to clear my head a little, but obviously it doesn't help much with other symptoms. I find warm drinks are soothing.
    If it gets worse, it might be worth seeing if the Betadine gargle is suitable for pregnancy?
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

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    Thans Jess and Amy

    Yes we have a vaporiser because DD gets croup in winter. So I might use that tonight if my nose is the same.

    The sore throat has almost gone, thank goodness. It just the nose and that blocked up feeling in the head that I have.

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    for a really sore throat try sipping apple cider viniger in water it doesn't taste the best but an old guy told me about this the other day in the super market it really works .. feel better soon