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Thread: Restless Legs!!! Argh!!!

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    Default Restless Legs!!! Argh!!!

    I dont remember restless legs starting this early last pregnancy...
    I drink ALOT of milk so I dont know if Caltrate tablets will help either, any suggestions?

    We've tried to DTD to help the relaxation process, works really well, but dont want to be doing that every night!!

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    Alan from the BB panel advised to eat banana's so I have one every second day and it does seem to have helped a lot.

    Hope you get some relief I know how much they can drive you up the wall!

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    Perhaps Magnesium tablets - they're good for relaxing muscles (muscle spasms & cramps) and I haven't really had much trouble with this (I take 1 tab each morning). They're also good for muscle & bone development. I'd suggest speaking to a naturopath or health store professional

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    I get restless legs even when I'm not pregnant. I find warm water helps and also doing something to take my mind off it. Heat packs have also worked.

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