thread: Should I be worried?

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    Unhappy Should I be worried?

    Hi all,

    For the last 24 hrs or so I've been feeling a bit off of food, had abdominal pain which doesn't really subside. I had a small bout of diareha yesterday evening and a bit this morning - but haven't had any since.
    Because the food is making me feel like vomitting I haven't had too much to eat throughout the day - but I have eaten some small, plain meals just for the sake of eating, if I don't eat then I get the sweats and start feeling shaky (which is hard when I'm trying to keep DD (14mths) from strife

    I have a check up with my GP tomorrow but am wondering whether I should be heading to the Womens Assessment Centre at the hospital a bit sooner.

    I do have a doppler at home and have heard and felt bubba - but I don't want to cause any damage to the precious cargo on board...Oh, I'm 23 + 2 today...

    Advice please..:-)

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    Hi Leesa

    Sounds like you might have a bout of gastro, but if you are worried, go and see a doctor. It is better to be safe than sorry and the earlier you see someone, if there is actually something wrong, the more they may be able to do. I don't think it sounds too concerning - I have had all the same symptoms as you for the last 24 hours and I am fairly certain that I have caught a gastro bug (DH also had it yesterday). I am currently 16 weeks pg.

    I hope you are feeling better soon and that it is nothing serious.

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    i second that, i think u have abit of gastro. I know of alot of ppl who have had it during their pregnancies (my SIL has it really bad atm too and shes about 14 weeks) and they have all been fine. Its good to go get it checked out anyway because you dont want to get dehydrated.

    Either that or u have picked up another virus. I dont think you should be worried, but still go get checked out.

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    I was thinking it was gastro - something DD has bought home from child care grrr...(I was happy with the Easter card she made for us)!

    I've just read in a few websites they are symptoms not to ignore...hence my question.

    Thanks ladies!

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    If you are still feeling yuck and are worried go in to the Woman's Assessment at Hospt.

    I had the same feelings last night. Laying on the couch after dinner - got sweaty then tummy cramps and feeling gross. Got really worried. Then a bit of diaoreah, then more cramps and then huge vomit and felt empty and much better. Still was worried though as that is how labour starts for me. But I think it was my body telling me I didnt need all those easter eggs plus pizza for dinner. My diet is usually pretty good so yesterday was OTT calorie and fat wise.

    Did you overindulge on calories for easter? Maybe your body is telling you that is doesnt like that at the moment? I am fine today. Back to normal apart from sore tummy from hurling so much.

    Good luck.

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    I would just go to the GP tomorrow. Just make sure you drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated. I had a bug a few weeks ago, vomiting, I couldn't even keep water down and got dehydrated and was in hospital on a drip for two days. They don't worry too much about food but fluid is very important.