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Thread: Slight Pains - Normal?

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    Default Slight Pains - Normal?

    Hi all,

    I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my first, and for the last few days i've noticed some occasional pains which feel a little bit like period pains, but not really as severe. I also noticed this a few weeks ago but it was less noticeable and happened very infrequently.

    They're not really that painful or anything, but just something I'm noticing. Is this normal at this stage? I've had a bit of a look around for information but all i seem to find is info on the later stages of pregnancy where its normal for this to occur (i believe).


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    It sounds very normal to me Tanyah, your uterus is continually growing and stretching so you tend to get all kinds of mystery aches and pains all throughout pregnancy. Don't let it worry you unless you find you are in a lot of pain, then it is worth getting checked out.

    Congratulations on reaching your second trimester!

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    Hi Tanyah
    I agree with Trish. It sounds like the pain is caused by tour growing uterus. If the pains are constant and continue for more than a day or so it is worth getting it checked

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    Hey hun i just wanted to say that i got those pains all the time i went to the doctors twice and got sent for scans and nothing was wrong it was just my body growing. It felt like bad period pain and i was always stressing out about it but i am now almost 25 weeks and i sitll get the pains so if you get too worried pop into your GP's office and he may send you for a scan to ease your mind. Good luck hun and i hope everything goes well for you

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    Thanks all for the reassurance, it does make me feel a lot better!

    I have my 13 week scan this afternoon, so fingers crossed everything is as it should be!

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    Hi Tanyah,

    Are your pains more on one side? At my 13 week scan the dr said to me that they can tell which side I ovulated from and it is likely to be the side which seems to have the most cramps etc.

    I still get them on and off but have decided to go with what most people say and put it down to the uterus streching etc.

    Good luck with the scan!

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    Hi Stars69,

    To be honest I'm not too sure whether they are limited to one side or not. But I'll take notice if they continue!

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    Hi Tanya how did your scan go? I too was told the more the pains were contracted to one side it probably is the side you ovulated from, and I have been getting those pains, i put it down to my uterus growing and pushing everything out of the way.

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    Hi Jen,

    The scan went really well, thanks for asking! Was a great relief to be able to see the baby move around, with all the arms and legs etc where they should be..

    If only we could have a scan every week to put my mind at rest!

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