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Thread: sore tailbone

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    Unhappy sore tailbone

    i'm about 25 weeks prego with my 2nd. just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing a sore tailbone and maybe even some suggestions. stork-girl:

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    Hi there - I got a really sore tailbone about the same time that you are. It was awful. I just had to really restrict the pressure that I placed on it. I stopped cycling as that was the worst and used a cushion on my work chair so I didn't push down on it so much. The worst was going from sitting to standing and vice versa. TBH I still feel a bit of that now and DS is 6 months. But not anywhere like I did when I was pg. I think it is to do with the relaxin hormone.

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    Yep me too. Ive had it for a few weeks now, but it seems to be going now. If you are worried buy a kids inflatable pool ring to sit in.

    good luck, Im sure it will be gone soon like mine, but then something else will start hurting

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    I had pains in the tailbone area with my both my pregnancies but they subsided further into the pregnancy. Hopefully this will mean there is an end in sight for you.

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    thanks guys i think i'm going to mention it to my doc. it seems to be worse at work but i do sit in front of a pc for 10hrs so this might be the reason. now i'm experiencing that the baby is pushing right under my right lung and making it very uncomfortable. everyone is telling me that i'm not very big so i don't know if the baby just doesn't have enough room because i don't remember any of this with my daughter. it must be a boy cuz only a smit-hudson boy would do this to his mother lol.

    all the best and thanks for replying!!!

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