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Thread: Aching Hips, headaches...

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    Jennifer Guest

    Default Aching Hips, headaches...


    Just wondering if anyone is experiencing aching hips?? When i wake in the early morning, they ache so much, no matter which side i sleep on.

    I am also getting bad headaches every 2 week and i have not been taking medication, i am trying to go all natural, if anyone has any natural methods to help, i would love to hear... anyway just wondering if anyone else is having these problems??


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    Lee33 Guest


    Yes, I have been experiencing aching hips at night. When one side starts aching, i turn over to the other side, so its pretty much back and forth all night. Have you tried supporting your belly with a pillow?
    Ive been told its normal late in pregnancy with our bigger bellies.

    I get headaches too.
    As for natural remedies, the only thing I find that works is going to sleep in a dark room. If I wake up and still have the headache, then I take Panadol.

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    I found sleeping with a pillow or a cushion between my knees helped a bit with the aching hips.

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    One of the mums on the 'due in' boards gave a tip for the sore hips. She said when you try to stand up, try and do it with your knees together so it supports your hips together (her physio told her to try thsi). I found that really helps.

    So does being in the pool.

    I am also a regular headache sufferer and with the hips and the head relent sometimes and take panadol before it gets too bad.

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    Jennifer Guest


    Thanks girls... I will try the pillow between the legs.

    As for the headaches, i only have 9 weeks to go, so i am sure i will be able to ride them out. Plenty of water and massages will help do the trick...

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    Hi Jennifer,
    I'm exactly the same as you.. there is no real cure (except birth -he hee), however the way that I try to hellp with the pain is:

    Hip Pain: as the other ladies have suggested a pillow really helps. I use one of those squishy pillows which I think are filled wtih bean bag balls so that they form to the shape of your belly and then lean forward so that I'm almost lying on my tummy - NOT on my side (as my hips hurt too much)... My physio said that this position is best for me and for baby... so try pillows and leaning forward more so all the weight is not on your hips.

    Headaches: I am the headache Queen I'm sure. Have hubby give you a massage - a really hard one at the base of the neck and even up into your head / temples (we use almond oil) then lay down in a dark room with a cold washer over your forehead. Then, for me, (and this is key) picture your brain in as a 3 dimensional object. Find out where the pain is, is it in the front of your head? is it in the back? Is it only on one side? Once you issolate the area where there is pain, take all your thoughts and put them in the area of your brain where there is no pain... and stay there until you either fall asleep or the pain goes (or decreases - sometimes my headaches last a few days). I learnt this as a little girl who suffered with migraines it really helps me as it is very rare that your whole brain hurts, normally just one side or one part so if you can get away from it then it helps manage the pain without drugs.

    good luck.

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    Jennifer Guest


    Thanks everyone... I am getting used to sleeping with the pillow between my legs... Its not long to go, only nine weeks, I am sure i will get through it.

    Thanks for all your replies..

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    I've found a nice therapeutic solution to headaches is just sitting/standing under the shower and letting the water run down on the top of your head - works wonders for me.

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