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    It's my first baby and i missed my first class yesterday they said they explained i think when to go to the hospital etc... I was so tired after driving 3 hres in the traffic and I was not feeling well to go to the class,
    I've asked if i can just swap days like at least go to another group class and they said NO!

    Has someone done the classes at the Peninsuala Hospital? And can tell me what they do in the first class plssssssssssss and can tell me more about it!

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    When you go to the next class, ask the midwife/spokesperson. They should be able to tell you what you need.

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    Unsure about your classes.... but I don't think you would have missed much. We have one more left (4 classes over 4 weeks) and we probably could have done without them. If I didn't get so much of the fee back from my health fund, I would have thought they were a total waste of money! Especially with being able to get advice from here, I pretty much knew most of what they were telling us...

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    Sorry I'm not familiar with your hospitaL. I would ask again to reattend the class and then if they say no I would ask your midwife at the class when that 1st session will be on again and if you can come. Antenatal classes are important especially if they are good so I don't think they should be able to say you can't go!

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