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Thread: ARGH please tell me....

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    kirsty_lee Guest

    Angry ARGH please tell me....

    My colostrum (sp?) came in last night... but my left nipple is sooo itchy... someone,....ANYONE tell me what i can do to make it stop its so annoying

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    hey kristy_lee

    sometimes certain fabrics can irritate already pregnancy senstive try and avoid synthetic materials

    also try and avoid soap and hot water directly on the nipple as this strips the natural and protective oils, increasing sensitivity

    x blue daisy

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    Hi Kirsty

    I can only offer what I have been told after the baby is born when the nipples hurt, but it may help an worth giving a try

    *Lanolin cream - espeically for the nipples, ask for it at the chemist
    *Cabbage leaf from the fridge
    *Maybe put a breast bad in your bra too?

    Hope they feel better soon.


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    A cold or warm washer helps too

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    smiles4u Guest

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    Hi there,

    Oh you poor thing, I know ... It's so annoying and it's so hard to not want to scratch like mad.

    I remember I used Marcalan nipple cream about $12 from the chemist, ... My nipples still felt itchy BUT no where near as bad, so it did help some !!

    Also my midwife told me to keep rubbing the colostrum into the nipple to help them from cracking, etc... Which I also did !!

    If I was at home, I would also pop a very cold face cloth on them

    So, hope you feel comfortable sooner rather then later

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    Geez do i know how you feel. [B]belle[B] suggested lanolin cream i bought this the other day and it works wonders the best thing about this cream is you can use it for sore nipples after bub is born and you dont have to wash it off when feeding as it doesnt have any kind of horrible taste. Good luck hun i feel your pain

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    I had the same thing earlier in this pg... HERE is the thread for you...

    Lanisoh cream was great!!!

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