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Thread: Awkward / embarrassing question !

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    The midwives see it all the time!! I did with my son and didnt even realise til after when i asked my partner, We just laughed about it, There is all sorts of gunk coming out anyway, least it makes a funny story

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    Yep I did it too. And as the others have said, at that point you are not going to care too much. The midwives/ob's have seen it all MANY times before, and it's not going to phase them. And we are all normal women who do not go around pooing in bed or on the floor under normal circumstances, , but it labour, it becomes OK. You'll be fine.

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    My midwives told me that they only got one in about 50 women who didn't pass any poo at all and it was generally a mild concern if they didn't as it IS one of the signs they look for that the baby's head is descending well. Please bear in mind that to see how labour is progressing they look for signs like perineal bulging, anal pouting, they are looking RIGHT AT genitals their whole working life when they're there to baby-catch. If someone is watching your anus to see if it is indicating imminent birth does poo coming out of it seem worse? Really? It is pretty much all the anus is for! What else is it gonna do?

    You will almost certainly poo during birth. There. That is the fact of it. If we as a society were more familiar with the process (as in having seen it personally as many times as we have had small babies born to family and close friends) we would not fear this completely normal fact of life.

    If you give birth unassisted (with no one there) you will be able to avoid anyone SEEING you poo.

    Really honestly, we are not lying to you, you will not give it a second thought on the day, you will only have thoughts and eyes for your baby.


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