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    How's this? I am still giggling over this.

    I have had a half day today, and am home alone tonight, so I went to our local video shop to pick out some girly chick videos.

    We go to this video shop at lease twice a week, and have been doing so for nearly a year. It is run by one lady only, and she is very friendly, calls us by name, knows what types of movies /ice creams we like etc etc.

    I picked out "Jack and Sarah" (With Richard E Grant) basically because it was a cheapie weekly, and it has a baby in it. I took it to the counter, and the Di, the lady who owns the store and knows us, said:

    "Careful, this one will make you broody"

    I laughed, and said "Well, I'm nearly 7 months pregnant now, so broody is good".

    She looked faint with shock and said "Are you pregnant?!"

    Now I am normally a size 10. I currently have a belly which is popping out at massive and immense proportions. I am nearly 7 months pregnant, and have been properly "showing" since about 16 weeks.

    Did she think I had just stacked on loads and loads of weight ?????


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    This happened to me twice today Lucy. Both girls I know (not hugely well mind you) and both assumed I was just fat or hadn't lost the weight after I had Kameron !!

    I did look quite pregnant today too LOL


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    When I went to the doctors for my 18week ultraound the doctor questioned whether I was pregnant at all!!! My fiance, mother, best friend and I all had to convince him I was but he was still sceptical until our daughter appeared on the screen. Silly Man!!!

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    i have had the with all my kids, the worst thing was when i was 8 mths pregnant with aleesha (my first) i had an old friend from school who knew i was pregnant come up to me and said "did you lose your baby!?", i was in complete shock and cried. i know i just looked fat but the way they asked me was just rude. i thought if i had it would have been terrible then just coming straight out and saying it