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    Default Braxton Hicks stopped

    hi there,

    I'm almost 38 wks and have been having BH for a few weeks now, and particularly strong (though not painful) and frequent last week. Now this week I've had hardly any......maybe none, I'm not sure. Its gone from maybe 15 per day to none. I kindof like having them cos it makes me think my uterus is getting stronger!!

    Does anyone know why they would stop? I havent really changed my routine, diet etc although maybe I'm exercising a little bit more this week, but not much.

    Also, wondering about "the show".....does this always happen before labour? It would be great to think that there was some definite sign things were going to happen soon. I am out an about most of the time and I'm a bit paranoid that my waters will break in public, or the public swimming pool! I know they dont always break but if the show comes first I can just make sure i stay in after that!

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    Hi Kitz
    It is not uncommon for your Braxton Hicks to stop for a few days. So I would not be too worried about this.
    The show does not always happen before labour starts. Also the show may happen over a few days, by just losing a small amount each day. There is also a chance that you may not even notice that you have had a show. I have also got some bad news for you. There is no way of knowing when your waters are going to break. It can happen before or after the show, it may not happen until you are in labour.

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    Haha, thanks Alan......I was hoping there would be some way of knowing but I did suspect that there might not be!! Oh well, I guess I'll just deal with it if it happens. I'm sure I'll be so excited that I wont care about the embarrassment anyway!

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