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Thread: bub ready to go??

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    Default bub ready to go??

    i had my weekly visit today at dr..and he reckons that uterus is measuring 40cm instread of 37(as im 37 weeks)he said bub is ready to go anytime so excited has this happened to anyone else and did u go early??? Please dont tell me u went over,hehe...mayb i shouldnt get excited

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    I don't have any stories similar but good luck.. i hope it is soon...

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    my ob doesn't measure fundal height as he thinks it's too variable infact now that I think about it I wasn't measured with any of my bubba's, sorry I can't help you out, I hope it hapens soon for you though

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    hi No unfourtunatly a bigger fundal height doesnt mean going into labour earlier . With my older boys I was always WAAAAY over e.g at 36 weeks with my second I was measuring 44cm. He was delivered at 37 weeks at 9lb 10oz by c-section but it was for medical conditions not to do with his size.
    It could be the way the baby is lying, his/her size, a slightly higher amniotic fluid level or a combo of all of them causing the bigger measurement.

    Good luck with everything you have not got long to go now!!


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    I've been measuring over by 2-2.5 weeks for AGES now.... I WISH it meant i was going early! Had a sizing and wellbeing scan a couple weeks ago and bub was bigger than average then... so we are keeping an eye on it... have my appointment with OB today... The only thing that will make me go early is an induction i reckon...! which could happen if OB thinks bubs will be too big at term!

    Good luck!!

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    The ob told me different! I was measuring about 3 weeks behind for the last leg of my pregnancy, I just figured I was going to have a small baby and the Ob said that it was fine and it makes sense to measure short during that time since the baby was fully engaged. I think the Ob was right, because I had a 9lbs 2oz baby (I'm a very small person) even though I measured short quite significantly and had a good amount of fluid.

    It's not long to go for you anyway... Good luck!

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