thread: ceph 3/5 2nd pregnancy

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    Question ceph 3/5 2nd pregnancy

    Hi all,

    Just wondering how many people's babys engaged in thier second or subsiquent pregnancy's ? I had my midwife appointment this morning and i'm ceph 3/5 but apparently with pregnancys after your 1st baby usually dosn't engage untill labour starts? Is this true and does it mean that we might have a little bundle of love to meet soon???

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    Honestly no idea but i hope s/he comes sooner rather than later for you as i know how uncomfortable you are. Or maybe you should go 1 day early and we can be in hosy together!! You can come and visit me as i will be sore from my CS

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    Ever so slowly going crazy...

    None of my last 3 babies engaged, and I actually felt them slip down after my waters broke during labour !! It really can happen before or during labour. Good luck!!!

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    Margaret River

    your baby can engage at any time towards the end of pregnancy...but in subsequent pregnancies the baby's head can move in and out of the pelvis until true labor starts

    thats the magic of pregnancy...the anticipation...and then the great joy

    xx yogababy

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    my second started to engage at about 30 weeks and was fully engaged by 38 weeks and never moved back up(that i can remember) i had him 2 days before his edd.

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    My last appt i was 3/5 too (that was at 34 weeks)... i was hoping the same thing!

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    This bub (my second) engaged 3/5ths at 36 weeks and the midwife said I would go in the next week or two because it is my second. Well here I am at nearly 41 weeks and baby is still here! At my 40 week check-up he'd moved down to 2/5ths though. So it doesn't necessarily mean bub will come early, but I hope it does for you!

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    Thankyou so much ladies i won't count my chickens then hey hehe

    i'm so over being pregnant but have decided just to wait it out not to try and bring it on anymore and s/he will meet us when they are ready. i just don't remeber being this heavy or sore down below with my first... *fingers cross* baby is as eager to meet us as we are them.

    again thank-you to all and *big hugs*

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