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    Default Cord Blood Storage

    Has anyone considered or have used the cord blood storage program and have recommendations on which company to use?

    Thanks in advanced!

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    Before you decide you might like to read this article about cord blood and things you need to consider before you decide on storage...
    Kelly xx

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    Wow Kelly that is a real good article! I will be making sure with the next baby that the cord isn't cut unless absolutely necessary. I did't even notice the needle and delivery of the placenta i guess because i was holding DS. Unfortunately DS was wrapped up in a blanket and i wasn't encouraged to feed until after he was weighed in and etc. We bonded very well because he slept with me for the whole night (born at 11.31pm) but i did have a midwife say to me the next morning that i didn't need to hold and cuddle him constantly because he wasn't attached to the umbilical cord any longer...i won't say what i thought of that and she was the same nurse when i asked for help with B/F that grabbed the boob and the baby head and just shoved both together. I am so glad i found this website and all you lovely ladies so i know what i can do next time round!

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    DH and I wanted to but we live in Darwin and there are no collectors or facilities available to us up here which was a shock to learn because we received so many information sheets from different companies. We are not even able to donate cord blood because it takes too long to get it south to freeze, or so we were told by the private hospital up here.

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