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Thread: Could it be labour or constipation?

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    Default Could it be labour or constipation?

    I was in hospital thurs nite for my 2nd round of timeable contractions since 20wks (every 8 min). Took 4 tabs of Nifedipene and a shot of morphine to slow them down enough to send me home. They did the fibronectin test which was negative (and as far as Im aware that means possibly no labour in the next 24-72hrs?) and my cervix was closed and only 'reasonably high'. Also think I lost some of my mucous plug. Today though I have a backache and keep feeling like Im wetting myself but its just really really watery cervical mucous with some discolouration to it. Ive had a few contractions but nothing really worrying. Bub isnt moving much either.

    I have some pressure and I dont feel like I need to poo, just a full feeling in my lower tummy/back/bum. Could it still be constipation (Ive been going regularly up to 3 times a day the past few weeks so I dont know how Id have anything to be constipated with ) or should I go back to the hospital and get them to check me out?

    I hate having to panic at every twinge of pain, I cant wait to make it to term and get this kid out.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Anna could that be liquor? Could you just give them a call?

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    I agree give them a ring

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    I'd be giving them a call. How are you feeling now, still getting the same feelings as earlier?

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    I'd be going back to the hospital, or at least calling them hun I hope it's not labour for you.

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