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Thread: Do you feel like it's never going to end?

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    Oh Lil Aussie... Huge hugs to you:hugs:
    I am definitely praying that the next 2 weeks fly by for you

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    Ive been getting alot of mucus type stuff for ages weeks even its more white than anything else i have to wear a pad there seems to be that much at times. Ill keep an eye out for the colour change i would really like to go into labor naturally to be at home where i feel most comfy till the later stages would be nice. Ive been watching the montages they are making feel more like having bubs at home with all my family rather than hospital i realise that it would be to late to organise this now ( 2 1/2 wks ) just watching brother and sisters there to me and great there bubs seems really important to me DH says its out of the question funny i thought i was having bubs !!!!!!

    DD kahli
    DD siaan
    DD macayla
    DD bubs due 17th feb

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    I also can't wait to get this over with soon! it does seem like forever though i've only entered my 33rd week. the BH comes and goes but it really does get uncomfy at times. Baby is also kicking at my bladder, which i really don't like. i can't get a decent night's sleep these days as well because is most active late in the evening.

    during my last check up with the midwife, baby was found out to be in transverse position. i've been doing some exercises lately to help baby turn. i hope baby cooperates so we don't have a hard time during delivery.

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    lil _ Aussie: I so can understand what you saying i am the same.. i am having contraction as we speak so big that i am waiting for my water to break. I havent got long to go now and i will be having my bub and no i am not waiting 5 weeks...

    JAYNE: Hope things improve soon for you hun.

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    I have only just started to feel big in the last few days, since the heat really kicked in I think. As for the braxton hicks, OMG! They are relentless! I hear you all on the not being able to get comfy in bed too. I forgot how much I valued sleeping through the night!

    Good luck everyone.

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