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Thread: Early Signs of Labor ???

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    Red face Early Signs of Labor ???

    This is a question for everyone that's already been through the labor process. Are there any tell-tale signs that it is starting? I am so miserable and really want to go into labor soon. I have noticed that I'm ALOT more tired than normal this last week and also I've had more discharge than normal. I have heard of the nesting phase before labor, but I haven't really had that more than normal (I felt like this the whole pregnancy). I do seem more irritable and moody in the last week (this could be from feeling more tired). Can you guys please share your experiences with what your body did before the onset of labor?? It would be really helpful and maybe provide some hope that it won't be long, I'm so miserable.

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    Hang in there honey! The last few weeks do seem to be SOOOOO long, don't they? I remember the feeling quite well from just before Emily was born. I expected her to be early, since my previous baby was, (although my first was a day after her due date) but she came a day late. The last little while was BRUTAL! Emotionally tense, and physically exhausted, I think I was a bear! Poor DH and girls. Anyways, there are a few things that you can look for to let you know that things are progressing a little - baby dropping (head really low on your bottom, head movements might hurt or give you a "shocky" feeling down there), increased mucous discharge, as well as losing your plug (more gelatinous looking than just regular discharge) and possibly some bloody show, increasing braxton-hicks contractions, which may become stronger and maybe even painful. If you are a little more adventurous, you can examine your cervix to see what it's up to. Best tried in the shower or bath. Make sure your hands are REALLY CLEAN, and be gentle. See if you can reach your cervix. Towards the start of labour, it will move forward, become soft, and begin to efface and dilate. (firm feels a little like your nose, and soft feels like your lips when they are relaxed.) You'll also likely be able to feel your baby's head. I liked feeling him/her before they were born. They seem so close then!
    Anyways, all of these things, unfortunately, can take a few weeks to happen, or a few hours. There is no definite time-table for labour. It's encouraging to see progress, but it is no indicator of when labour will actually start, and if there is no progress happening, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are WEEKS away from delivery. Every woman's body behaves differently.
    The best advice I can give you is to count on being late! I know that's not what you would like to hear, but it really will be easiest on your sanity! Find something enjoyable and distracting to focus on - maybe make something for the baby, or start a scrapbook project, or make birth announcements or something....?
    Have a look through the articles here on BB - I think there was a good one about early labour signs. (They're all great reading anyways. )
    And keep in mind - this baby WILL COME OUT!!! You're truly not going to be pregnant forever, even though it feels like it now.
    All the best!

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    Thanks so much. I never thought about expecting her to be late. I'll keep it in mind and if she comes earlier then it will be a huge relief. Thanks again.

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    Kelly xx

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    Ah thanks Kelly - I have yet to master adding links to these things in my posts. Or am I maybe not allowed to since I don't have a platinum membership?

    And you're welcome Chrystal - again, wishing you all the best for an easy delivery soon!

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